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10 The 5 things you should do before you start to go on an exercise regime – part 2

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 25-02-2009

Previously, I mentioned about the 5 things to get you ready, if you want to exercise to lose some weight.

2. Train your stamina with breathing exercise.

Are we talking about Tai Ji or Qi Gong here? Not exactly, but close. This is an exercise that I learn from a book about losing weight by improving your metabolism. It is written by a breathing coach, I think from America. From the way she wrote it, I inferred that this is probably some lazy woman, who probably modified the yoga that she learnt, to something simpler so that she can write a book about it, and makes some money. Why I feel this way is because there are more on testimonials in the book than the actual breathing exercises. When compared with those books talking about the more authentic qi gong or yoga, that gives me a headache after reading them, the methods were so much easier. I read the book a few times, and can see that the few breathing methods are actually quite the same. So, me being a lazier man than the author of the book, further modified from a book to just a page, smart right? Yes, I am lazy, but I am smart, ha ha! But before you start, I must warn you, although it looks simple, you may feel giddy after practising it. But don’t worry; this is probably because you have not been feeding enough oxygen to your brain all this time, which is also the purpose of this exercise. Just stop when you are feeling giddy, and continue after a few hours break. In case I forget to mention later, this will be the exact feeling you will feel after you do any real physical exercise like swimming and jogging. For beginners, you will probably feel hungry after it too, as I said, same feeling you get after you have exercise. All these are good after effects from breathing exercise as it feeds oxygen to you body thus burn calories. So, here it goes.

Warm up

  • Using your nose, breathe in as much as you can, till the air fills up your belly.
  • Breathe in slowly in the beginning, but harder when you are about to stop.
  • Shape your lips as if you are whistling, then slowly exhale through your mouth.
  • When you feel that the air is almost out, blow 3 times with force.
  • Repeat till you feel more comfortable then go to the next step.

After warming up

  • Using your nose, breathe in as much as you can, till the air fills up your belly.
  • Breathe in slowly in the beginning, but harder when you are about to stop.
  • Hold it there for as long as you can
  • Shape your lips as if you are whistling, then slowly exhale through your month.
  • When you feel that your air is almost out, blow 3 times with force.
  • Hold it there as long as you can.
  • Repeat as often as you can remember, while you are reading, watching television, in a bus, waiting for someone, as long the air around you is clean.

So how? It is simple right? I have been doing this simple breathing exercise I think since 2005. There are many good effects that I feel. I sleep better, can concentrate better, feeling fuller most of the time ( although I mentioned earlier that you will feel hungry after the breathing exercise, somehow my stomach feels that I have just eaten, kind of a mixed feeling, which I do not know how to express to you. To anyone reading this and has this same feeling, please drop me an email so that I know that I am not the only freak that feels that way). I used to feel hungry almost the whole day, even when I had just eaten, strange right? But because of this exercise the hungry feeling throughout the day became shorter and shorter. Apart from that, there is one more effect that I felt, that is being more energetic. I have better stamina for my badminton and basketball. I even went to try to jog, the exercise that I hated the most, to test my energy, and proven that I can run more than before. (But despite that, jogging is still my most hated exercise.) Sometimes I wonder if I go and learn the actual tai ji or qi gong, will I become superman, ha ha! Now I go swimming (the second most hated exercise) every Saturday because my son is having his swimming lesson, I can swim 20 laps without feeling burnt out. I think I can go even further like 50 laps, but I feel its too monotonous for me, as 20 laps already took me almost an hour!
So, if are reading this now, and will like to try this exercise, just go to your favourite bed, lie down, and starts breathing. For beginners, I think it is good to lie down in case you feel giddy. But don’t worry; it may not be as intense as I have put it. Just stop if that feeling does come.
Although this breathing exercise is so easy to follow, I will bet that not all the persons reading now will do it! Or at least not follow on along term basis. Not because you don’t believe it, but because you are too lazy or “busy”. You can spend 2 hours a day watching television, but yet you won’t do this exercise. This actually happened to me when I just started. Can you believe it or not? I am so lazy that I don’t even bother to breathe properly despite believing and knowing it is good for me. Breathing supposes to be the most important thing we should do every few seconds to keep us alive and yet I didn’t bother to do it every day. I keep on falling off the track a couple of times over the years, but now, I manage to do it almost everyday. That is why I suggest before you begin any other exercise like badminton, basketball or soccer, you should start with some breathing exercises, because if you can’t even discipline yourself to do breathing exercise, don’t bother to try to do the rest of the exercise I mentioned, before you buy the $120 Yonnex racket, or the $88 Nike basketball, or the $199 Adidas boots. Saved your money!
So, to all who is reading this article and is ready to practise this breathing exercise, just take note that losing weight is always not easy as many experts say, from the diet to exercise, or even breathing, you may fall off the wagon once in a awhile, just remember to take a break and continue your route. And do you know what the best part about this breathing exercise is? It is free and comes with endless supplies!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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9. The 5 things you should do before you start to go on an exercise regime – part 1

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 21-02-2009

21th feb 2009

Previously, I mentioned about the 5 things to get you ready, if you want to exercise to lose some weight.

1. Lose 3 to 5 kgs

You will scold me and tell me, if I can lose 3-5ks in the first place, why will I need to exercise in the first place! This is what I think, yes, I don’t think you will need to exercise to lose the first few kgs. The first few kgs is easier to lose, through diet. It is also safer, especially to your joints, if you diet to lose weight.
In fact, I don’t think a person should not exercise at all before he or she is able to follow a diet that makes them lose weight on a steady basis, for me, namely, the low carbo. The first kgs you lose although is just probably water, but it is still weight. You will definitely feel lighter, and should have more energy, if you lose these few kgs. But don’t think that with these few kgs lost, your exercise regime will be easy. It will be easier, but definitely not easy. If fact, it is very hard.

If you think that you can just use exercise alone to lose weight, these are the few things you should take note. Exercise makes you hungry. You will end up eating more than usual. And do you know if the exercise you are talking about is a 20 minutes walk in a park, the energy that you expensed can be easily be replenished with 2 pieces of biscuit. Yeah, you heard me right. Don’t believe me, go to the internet and search on information on the amount of energy or calories you will be burnt for different physical activity. And instead of eating biscuits after you walk, if you go and eat a plate of chicken rice with ice kacang to cool you down, ha ha, you are in trouble!

So you tell me, go jogging or swimming instead lah. Or may be play soccer or basketball, because it shouldn’t be a problem because you used to do all these in school. This I won’t argue, if you are only in your early twenties. But let’s say the last time you do all this, is like, 2 to 3 years ago, you better think twice before you really do it. You may get injure! Or at least shock! Shock at what? You may ask. Shock at how weak you have become, or how bad your stamina has become, or how clumsy you have become! Think about it. If you go for the least tough sport of all the above mentioned, swimming, how many laps do you think you can swim? Especially now that you are 10 more kgs heavier than you used to be at the time you were doing those sports actively. As for soccer and basketball, just switch off your pc now, wear your sneakers, go downstair, find the nearest empty space that allow you to run non stop for 1 minute. Stop then come back to my blog again, and tell me how you feel. Just thinking of it alone makes you sweat right? Ha ha! I tell you, the actual thing is worse, I mean the soccer and the basketball. There will be more running than your 1 minute trial run. You will suffer at least for 3 to 5 days if you try to be play like the school boys that you joined. You will have pain and ache all over your body, and become worst on the next day. Deep inside, I believe you will understand and already know the logics, I just reminded you. Not that you don’t know, is that you want to be positive, probably because of this positivity that makes you want to lose some weight. It is a good thought, but most of the time in life, life don’t work that way. Life is full of obstacles. You may still want to go ahead, thinking that you are you, I am I, different person different standards mah. That I won’t argue. But just a bit of extra advice before you really go ahead. Make sure the few days after the exercise date that you have planned; you do not have any important meetings or works to attend to, because you may need some medical leaves.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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Filed Under (1-10) by aaremoval on 18-02-2009

Started 22nd Jan 2009 at 6.45pm

Before I share with you my thinking of how one is considered ready, I like to share with you my story of what happened to me whenever I tried to get myself into some regular exercise Although I was always fat, since I was 7 years old (I can’t remember what I look like before that, probably chubby too), I was quite active. Being brought up in a single parent family, my brother and I had a lot of time to play, including swimming, soccer and basketball. I played basketball, though not outstanding, but actively through out my secondary years, only stopped because I left school and started working. I wasn’t able to exercise then partially because I had a second operation for adhesion colic, just before my national service. Army training was tough and I struggled, but I thought it was because I had just recovered from an operation. During and after my national service, I was able to maintain my weight with little exercise, as I was not in combat but logistic, and very strict low calorie diet (that caused me to almost black out in many occasions), and daily 100 push up and 200 sit up, for 3 – 4 years, till I was about 24 years old, when my weight begin to creep back due to my change of work from indoor to outdoor. My first 4 years of working life was more of an indoor job, as a technician, inside a factory. It was kind of routine, in terms of working hours and more importantly, eating and resting hours. If you have worked in a factory environment, you will probably know what I mean. Unlike some other indoor jobs, like in an office, working in a factory means you cannot eat whenever you want, sometimes even if you are very hungry, because the canteen may not be opened at certain hours. Eating on production floor is strictly prohibited. For my post, it was even stricter, because I worked in a clean room. So, a few months after my change of work, to an outdoor salesman, my eating time and habit begins to be different. My daily push up and sit up routine was stopped too. And as I saw my weight going up, I began to worry, but at the same time, coincidentally, my company organized a weekly badminton session (I think my boss was also beginning to put on weight, so he suggested it). I was glad to join, since it wasn’t easy to get my school time friends to join me for exercise, and was happy that all the expenses was paid for, including free badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, cause they were products my boss tried to market, but wasn’t successful. And back to our topic, and guess what happened? I think I almost passed out during the first session! Ha, some of you readers are probably laughing at me right, thinking that I am a useless fatty bump bump? But guess what, I wasn’t alone. I think half of the players, told me that they were so feeling giddy after the exercise, including some that look a lot fitter and slimmer. I was quite disappointed with myself, because it was just a few months ago, that I was doing push up and sit up, almost every day, and yet, I almost fainted when trying to play some badminton game. I was expecting more from myself, prior to the game. Although I was in pain for weeks, I wanted to do more. But, not everyone in my company thought that way. Why? Because a few of them suffered pain and ache over more than a week. Unlike me, an arthritis patient taking pain killer everyday, I am quite used to in having pain, but to some my colleagues, it was a different thinking. They said it isn’t worth it. Meaning? They said if they have to go through all that pain just to look better or be healthier, they will rather be as what they are meant to be. They were not the only one that think that way. Throughout my life I have tried to persuade many of my friends to join me for exercise, many of them said the same thing. Some said that they are worried that instead of becoming healthier, they will first injure themselves. I normally don’t agree with them verbally, but at the back of my mind, I actually agreed with them. Why? Because up till today, I still feel a bit of pain if I rested more than 2 weeks from my regular basketball. Just 2 weeks, not 2 years, I will feel some pain or ache every time I took a break, sometimes I thought it is only me, as I am now already 40 years old and have arthritis. But my best friend, who is also my primary and secondary schoolmate, who joins me almost every week for the past 7 years (I really respect his attitude because he comes all the way from east coast to my house, which is in bukit panjang, about half an hour journey), who is also a marathon runner, till today, said he felt the same thing.

So, this is the reason why I think if you are overweight, and hope to shed some weight through exercising, to better get really ready before you start. If not, you may injure yourself! So, when will one be considered ready? This is what I think.

  1. lose at least 3-5kgs.
  2. train your stamina with breathing exercise.
  3. take some vitamins to boost your energy and immune system.
  4. get some massages to loosen and warm up your muscle
  5. get a friend who is willing to play a sport with you but will not grumble because you are slow.

Huh, you mean you want me to lose 5 kgs before I start my exercise regime? Are you crazy? Or stupid? And what’s with the get a friend who will not grumble thing….? You may ask. I will explain to you in my next few blogs.

Written by: horse chicken dragon

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8. Lesson 2 – Low carbohydrate diet (Cost – $180)

Filed Under (1-10) by aaremoval on 17-02-2009

17th July 2008

Here we go, the number one important lesson to anyone who wants to seriously lose weight on a long term basis. What!? Long term basis? You mean it won’t be permanent, and the weight that you lost will come back again? I am afraid to tell you, I think so! This is what I think; if you go on a diet, whatever diet that works for you, let’s say for 3 months. After 3 months, you successfully lose those 10 kgs of fat hanging around your waist. You are delighted! So, what do you do? If you have lost that weight for the purpose of taking your once in the life time wedding photos, you may stop the special diet that you hated and tolerated for 3 months, and starts to celebrated while on your honey moon, by going back to your old way, or original way of normal eating. What do you think are the odds that you will gain back some of the weight? Pretty high odds, right?

Although there are many reasons that make a person put on weight, it could be genetic, overeating, eating habits, illnesses, stress, lack of exercise, body type or even the type of work you do. But even with all these reasons, if you go on without food for a week, you will still lose some weight, right?

Although I said that, I think there might be a big difference between having little food or no food, especially if you have the same problem like me, slow in burning sugar, or carbohydrate. For many who never personally spent 5 years or more on studying what exactly is a low carbo diet, it might scare you quite a bit if you read on. But I can assure you, it is not just a diet to make you lose weight, but it is a perfectly healthy way of eating if done correctly. And before I start, to all Singaporean, this diet may be tough in first sight, but actually it is not. Why do I say that? Because the first thing you have to eliminate, my dear friends, is rice! Wait! Don’t switch to another site yet, please read on! In fact, I am such a strong believer of this form of diet that I am willing to bet you $1 to $10 that this diet really works. So please read on.

You will eat meat including fish, prawn, crab, pork, chicken, duck, mutton and beef and egg. For vegetables, you will eat mostly leafy vegetable, cabbage, long and French beans.

The rest of the food not listed here, don’t eat till you know the carbo content. Many people I talk to think that carrot, toufu or peanuts has no carbo. A few think that carbo is only rice, noodles, bread and potatoes, the rest are not carbo. A few more think that soft drink got no carbo. There are some even argue to me how can soft drinks like soya, chrysanthemum and green tea can make one person put on weight, where they are just water! But sorry my friend, in case you are one of them, soft drink contains lot of sugar, also known as simple carbohydrate. To know the amount of carbo, just go to any carbo counter. This is one of them.


As for cost, it will probably be higher than your usual diet like chicken rice, prawn noodles or roti prata. But luckily for us Singaporean, there is one good choice, which is, mixed vegetable rice. Any foreigners who are reading these may be a bit puzzled, asking, I thought that this is a low carbo diet, how come you ask me to eat mixed vegetables? Wouldn’t it be a vegetarian diet? Boo! This site is lousy!

No! In Singapore, mixed vegetable rice is actually like a mini buffet meal, where there are usually 20 to 30 kinds of cooked dishes to choose from, including, all kind of meat and fish except beef, a few choices of vegetable, eggs, to be eaten with rice or congee. So, this I is what I eat most of the time, a slice of fish, a choice of pork, a choice of chicken, a choice of leafy vegetable with an egg, but without the rice. Sometimes I may have a small bowl of congee, to dilute the sometimes very salty dishes. This will probably cost about $5 -$6, as compare to the normal way of ordering, which will cost about $3-4, about $2 more expensive. So, this is why I state in the heading on the cost of this form of diet, to be $180 per month. It is actually $6 more expensive if you eat this way for 3 meals, amounting to an additional of $180 to your monthly budget on food. But let me tell you, it will be worth it. It is far more practical than any other diet pill, or worse, diet shake ( by the way, my version why they call it a diet shake, is because you will definitely shake after you drink their shake, cos you will probably shake after an hour or so because you will be so hungry. Ha ha!).

I think I will end here by stating some of the benefits of a low carbo diet.

1. – you will lose weight, for me, if I didn’t cheat, about 100 – 200 g per day without exercise.

2. – your blood pressure will go down.

3 – your cholesterol level will go down.

All these “side effects” happened to me!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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Filed Under (1-10) by aaremoval on 16-02-2009

21st Jan 2009 at 5pm.

Ok, now that I got your attention, I think I should rephrase the heading to “IF YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT, DO NOT EXERCISE UNTIL YOU ARE READY! And what do I mean by that? You must be either thinking 1) I am trying to be funny, 2) I am trying to make you think that losing weight my way is that easy, like what many products promised, so that you will keep on reading my articles, or, 3) I am trying to sell you some MLM products. But SORRY, the answer is none of the above.

And no, don’t exercise until you are ready, I really mean it. If you call 10 persons now, including your best friends, relatives and your trusted doctor, to ask them opinion on how to lose weight, they will probably tell you 3 things. 1) Eat more vegetables. 2) Eat less meat or NO MEAT. 3) EXERCISE! And blah, blah, blah. Hopefully your trusted doctor will be the one giving you at least a more sensible advise on exercise by adding the word “light”. And hopefully he won’t suggest light exercise like, swimming. I say this because at the time that I was a lot fatter than the now me, I won’t want to expose my “heavenly” body, especially with my always undersize swimming trunk (trust me, unlike your working pants, you won’t want to wear a swimming trunk that is one size bigger).

And here goes the reason why you shouldn’t exercise if you are not ready. Your body won’t be able to take it! If you or your not overweight friends want to know the logic behind my bullshit statement, just ask them to do a simple test. Ask them to carry a bag of 25kgs rice and do the exercise they advised you to do. Ok, you may not be 25kgs overweight like I used to be, so just give them a huge discount and carry a bag of 10kgs rice and do the exercise they advise you to do. Hopefully the exercise they suggested to you wasn’t hiking or running. Ha ha!

If you think about it, it shouldn’t be easy right? Especially for those overweight people who already were not active during their school time, while they were younger and supposingly fitter with stronger bone, asking such an overweight person to suddenly start an exercise regime, may get him or her to be injured, right? Let me tell you, even if you were as fit as Hercules during your teens, but after ten or fifteen years of lack of exercise, and plus, even if you are a slim person, asking you to do some exercise after so many years of stoppage, you may probably get hurt too, right?. So, imagine, how do you think an overweight person will manage?

So, when then can one be considered ready? I will tell you in my next article.

Written by Horse Chicken Dragon

p.s. – as I have just begun learning to blog, it is still very unorganized, pls bare with me for a few years, I should be ready by then (Ha ha, hopefully I will still be around blogging). The 10 lessons mentioned in article 5 will be spread out. Lesson 1 on breathing to lose weight is already at article 3.

Thank you!

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5. How can you lose 5-10 kgs, improve your blood pressure, cholesterol level, overall health and mobility, all in a month, with just a $300 budget?

Filed Under (1-10) by aaremoval on 16-02-2009

Date: 19th June 2008

Losing weight is definitely not an easy thing to do, especially if you are not rich. It is worse if you are not rich, and at the same time, busy earning a living. I think there are 2 major factors, that are outside your body, that affect one’s weight loss plan, time and money. Even if you are filthy rich but got no time, I don’t think you can lose weight easily. Because up to date, I have not found an elixir, alone by itself, that will make you become thin, without combining a proper diet plan or exercise. Almost all diet products and program, come with a small print, “Works well when combine with a proper diet and exercise program”, which always lead me to ask, so it is the products or program that works or….umm, the diet?

Everyone is hoping for a quick fix, but, come on, if there is really such a product, we won’t be seeing so many fat people around. Let’s be fair, I am not saying that all these products don’t work; I am just stating the fact that, it will help speed up weight loss, especially if your problem is a medical one that leads you to become fat. For example, fat burner. Fat burner works, but very slowly, it will help you improve your metabolism, but, it also makes you extra hungry, that is why some of the companies that manufacture fat burner also manufacture hunger suppresser. So, if you try to save some money, and only buy the fat burner, guess what, you will end up eating more. And not to mention, why didn’t you buy the suppresser first, in the first place, since it will make you eat lesser, and that, again, lead me to ask, so it is the products or program that works or….umm, the diet?

Back to our topic on how to lose weight with just a $300 budget a month. Of all the methods I have listed below, I would rank diet to be the most important one. You can follow the rest religiously, but failed to follow lesson 2, you will still gain weight, or at least, not lose weight. And also, it is very complicated. It is not a lesson that you can learn over night. To me, it is as complicated as a religion. Why? Because there are so many theories out there on food matters, from so many experts. Some says go vege, and some says go protein. Just like Buddhism, Christianity and Islamic, who is the ONE?

I, personally, have tried a few different diets, and know what works for me. So, I will be sharing with you the diet that works for me now, the other different types, in the future. But as you can see, I didn’t place diet as the number 1 lesson, why? I did mention that the rest of the method, alone, will not make you lose weight. The reason is as such. Although there are some claims that yoga or some qi gong can make you lose weight, I don’t really think so. A lot of these masters are actually vegetarian. Not only are they vegetarians, they are those types of vegetarian that can go on without food for some times, and that, again, lead me to ask, so it is the products or program that works or….umm, the diet? But, to me, learning to breathe properly helps a lot on a few areas. Firstly, it makes me feel fuller, secondly, it makes me feel more energize, thirdly, it brings up my body temperature, and lastly, it brings down my blood pressure. I consider the last reason a very important one because, I believe, when you are on a diet, you will have some form of stress. Most overweight people have already a higher blood pressure level than a slim person, and with a new diet plan, it will probably raised the blood pressure even higher.

So, let’s begin!

Lesson 1

Deep breathing exercise

Cost – Free

Lesson 2

Low carbohydrate diet

Cost – $180

Lesson 3

Chewing your food

Cost – free

Lesson 4


Cost for Fish oil -$100

Cost for MSM -$7

Cost for Vitamin C – $15

Lesson 5

Green tea

Cost – $5 a month

Lesson 6

Rest – Free

Lesson 7

Stress management – Free

Lesson 8

Exercise – Free

Lesson 9

Timetable – free

Lesson 10

Weighing Machine – $20 per year

Written by: Horse Chicken Dragon

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