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12. The 5 things you should do before you start to go on an exercise regime – part 4

Filed Under (11-20) by aaremoval on 18-03-2009

Previously, I mentioned about the 5 things to get you ready, if you want to exercise to lose some weight.

4. Get some massages to loosen and warm up your muscle

For all the horny men who accidentally bump into this site and are reading this article now, this is not an article about improving your manhood through massaging. For that, please visit my other website at www.improveyourmanhoodviamassage.com. Ha ha, just kidding! And yes, I really feel that you need to do massage before and after you do exercise, because massaging, just like breathing, is also a form of exercise that will burn calories. But the burning of that little amount of calories is really no big deal, what’s important is that it will really loosen and warm up your joints and muscles so that you will not be so easily injured when you suddenly add exercise to your life. It’s a form of stretching exercise for lazy people and will reach to most part of the body than any form of stretching exercise. And just like any other exercises, it will hurt after the session, yes, even when you think you are just lying down, it will hurt, may be for a few days. So, if you can’t even take the pain resulting from these massage sessions, you better get more prepared for the pain resulting from exercising that can be five times more painful and even damaging that massage session. And also, just like any form of exercises, massage also bring the benefits of improving of blood circulation, metabolism and strengthening of joints and muscles. The only thing I see is that it will not improve is your stamina, unlike breathing and other exercises. But it is sure safer and fun to do than most exercises.

There are many kinds of massage, Swedish style, Thai, Javanese and the traditional Chinese type. My personal favourite is the Chinese type, not because of the beautiful Chinese girls, but compared with other type of massages, this is what I feel.

  1. Swedish style – too relax and too many “tools” used, like ear waxing, hot towels or some kind of heated pebbles, all probably because it is a kind of more high class massage. So the price is usually more expensive too. So, for a poor guy like me, instead of becoming more relax or rejuvenated after the massage, it became more stressful, especially when the masseur keep on asking you to sign a $1,999 package.
  2. Thai style – too rugged for an old man like me. And probably because I have a kind of arthritis that stiffen my spine and joints. This kind of massage involves quite a bit of twisting and turning to your body part, the masseur will try to bend your back; she will probably be satisfied only till she heard the “crack” sound coming out for your joints. She will ask you to relax while at the same time forcefully try to “break” various part of your bones and joints as if you owe her some money (which remind of the few occasions when my cousins play wrestling with me when I was still a child, and bent my arm and ask me if I will surrender, and even when I shouted “surrender”, he still keep on bending anyway). And not to forget the famous “chicken neck twister” where she will twist your neck both sides to get the “crack” sound. This form of massage will really make you very relax once they stopped. You will be a bit tired and want to sleep as if you have just had a 2 hours wrestling match with “The Rock”. Or you may already fall asleep as some of the masseur will stop the twisting and turning half an hour before and end the massage session with the more smoothing rubbing and pressing massages. So, for this form of massage, it is more affordable than the Swedish type, but in Singapore, it will still burn a small hole in your pocket as it cost about $40 an hour. But if you are doing it in Thailand, it may be only $10 an hour (but will still be more expensive if you average out with the air ticket).
  3. Javanese style – too oily. They will use tons of oil and you will pay an extra $10 to take a shower there at the centre! Ha, no lah, not that greasy lah. Yes, it is a bit greasy but you can ask them to go easy on the oil if it makes you too uncomfortable. But other than it being too greasy for me, it is actually quite the same as the Chinese type. In terms of price wise, it is about $40 to $50 an hour. So, be prepared to become Mr Oily after the session.
  4. Chinese style – my personal favourite, again I explain, not because of the beautiful Chinese masseur (I have to keep on explaining myself in case my wife takes a peep at my blog, ha ha!). For this, I have a story to tell. I have only come to know of massages because I have arthritis. When I was 16, I began to seek treatment for my joints pain, before I was accurately diagnose by western practise, with Traditional Chinese physician. I give my thanks to the Chinese physician, Mr Lee Kim Long, who passed away a few years ago. He was a master, who gives acupuncture treatment in Tong Chai Free Clinic. He will include some massages after the acupuncture session sometimes when he is not too busy, but most of the time he was busy. But he has a lot of trainee assistants back then who will just carry out his instructions. It gave me quite a relief after the acupuncture and massage, and that was my first taste of massage which was very pain relieving. I didn’t have any regular massage only till I was about 30 plus, because they didn’t have any neighbourhood massage centre back then. If you want massage, you will probably have to go some centres, which will cost you 50 percent more than now. So, now with smaller centres in almost every neighbourhood, it should cost no more than $40 an hour. A good Chinese masseur to me, is the one that listen and follow instructions. She should spend more time massaging the area that you complain of pain, rather than just following through her routine steps, and waste ten minutes on rubbing your ears and toes. Most of the times, they will use some lotion, but when requested, they will give you the medicated oil that is available or the one that you brought along. So, back to topic of why I prefer this style is partly because of this medication. It is usually some kind of oil that will heat up your joints, very important if you have not exercise for a long time. The rest of the different type of massage can also serve the same purpose of a good massage, provided that they are willing to provide or use the medicated oil that you have brought along, many won’t. But for Chinese style, which sometimes known as TCM, probably won’t reject you because to them, a good massage should serve not only the purpose of relaxation, but also some form of healing or treatment. But, actions speak louder than words, so please go to the various kind of massages to try out yourself and tell me how you feel.

So, for those horny men who are still patiently reading on and hope for some hidden messages that will lead you to some cheapo massage but with extra services, those kind of massages will not help “stretch” as much as an authentic massage, unless what you want to “stretch” is the “joint” below your belt.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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11. The 5 things you should do before you start to go on an exercise regime – part 3

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 10-03-2009

Previously, I mentioned about the 5 things to get you ready, if you want to exercise to lose some weight.

3. Take some vitamins to boost your energy and immune system.

Wait a minute, vitamins? MLM again? Some of you will probably think that my articles will slowly lead you to me, thus persuading you to be my down line, and make a hundred thousand dollars sales after 6 months, like my godmother who just sit at home everyday, just waiting for her pay cheque that drops from the sky. But sorry, if you want to be my contractors for my moving company, I welcome you, but I don’t do MLM. I did it before, though like the ideas of making money, but just can’t put myself into selling it. Why? Because the things are just simply over-priced. Imagine how many percents are being paid to the pockets of those godmothers who are “sitting” at home. Despite that I know it is actually not true you will earn money just by sitting at home, and probably have to be very hardworking if you want to succeed in doing MLM, I don’t quite like the idea of promoting to someone the idea that you can make money just sitting at home, which I know it is not true, and thus investing in a few thousand dollars of products that you won’t be eating. And worst of all, selling these ideas to your close friends or relatives. I did it before when I was young and naïve, but I will never do it again.

So, back to our topic. Despite that I don’t like the idea of the way some MLM company sell their products, I still like most of the products. Vitamins are definitely essential to the modern human being, with or without the need to do exercise. But if you do exercise on a regular basis, you will probably need more than those who don’t. On the contrary, many believe it the other way round. Many believe you can substitute exercise with vitamins, or should I say, many MLM or health products company promote it that way. But I think, yes, it may help a lot on your well being, but definitely not substitute. My logic asks me, how can you replace the benefit of strengthening your muscle with a 5 km jog with vitamins? But on the other hand, I believe that you will need more vitamins if you do or planning to do some exercises. These are the things that you will feel if you took some vitamins.

a) You will feel more energise. This is important because you won’t want to walk 200 metres and say that you need a 10 minutes break. So a simple equation will be that you will need 50 minutes break if you planned to walk for 1km. Ha ha, hope that you are not planning for a 5 km walk.

b) Your brain will feel more alert. This is also important because to have a stronger mind to me, means a stronger will power. It has to be a mind over body thing, especially if you have not been exercising for a while. Most of the marathon runners I know, don’t look very physically fit, but I think they are very fit in term of their will power. But of course, for those who just want to exercise to lose some weight, don’t need to have a brain power to run 42 km, but at least till a level that you won’t keep on making excuse not to do some exercises.

c) Your metabolism will improve. You will burn fat faster than before, but, it will also make you hungrier. Just like the mixed or confusing feeling of full yet hungry like I mentioned in the breathing lesson. What I didn’t mentioned is that the kind of hunger when you do breathing exercises or take vitamins, is different from the kind of hunger you will get if you go on a low calories diet. What do I mean by that? The kind of hunger that you will get from eating too little or over exercising, cause you to feel giddy and deprive. That kind of hunger is pretty unbearable. When my nephew asked me about diet matters, I describe to him this kind of feeling, is the kind that I feel like beating somebody up. The kind that you hate yourself, the kind that you ask yourself whether if it is worth it to torture yourself just to look better in this short life of yours.

There are many, many more benefits on taking vitamins but I will stop here, because it will take a whole 300 pages if I want to state all the benefits. Just look up on the internet on vitamins that curbs hunger and improve metabolism, before you begin your exercise. And for those regular dieter reading this chapter, you can try some vitamins to curb your hunger, it will definitely work, but make sure if you are buying the products from a MLM company, don’t spend a few thousand dollars at one go because you may not even finish the first bottle, not because it doesn’t work, but just simply because you are too “busy” or lazy, just like when doing the breathing exercise.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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