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Digestion tea for constipation and weight loss

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18. Lesson 4– Supplement – part 4

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 30-04-2009

In my last article, I mentioned that, you will need to eat fat to burn fat. The fat that I mentioned is fish oil, and the benefits of taking them in long terms are
• Feel full or less hungry
• Burn body fat more efficiently
• More mobility
• Thinner your blood
• Reduce inflammation
• Better memory
• Better eyes sight
And here goes the third benefits.
More mobility – this is some how related to the fifth benefits, where I believe even if you do not have arthritis or any other inflammatory ailments, your joints and muscles may slowly loses its mobility as you aged. This aging process comes very slowly and usually not very noticeable until when you are in your mid twenties, which I believe many have confused it with work and family stress which cause you to be lethargic and stiff. I believe that this tiredness is the beginning of the aging process, and I think this onset may be due to a few reasons, one of them to be sudden decrease of exercise. In Singapore, the average age of a male to completely stop their routine exercise, I think is about 20 to 25 years of age. Most of us will stop exercising after we completed our national service, which is 20 to22 years old. If you are the smart ones, and continue your studies, you will probably continue to exercise until you graduate and leave school. As what I have gathered and believed, many people I know, even those that used to be active and fit in school, feels the tiredness, few years after leaving national service or school. But coincidentally, those who exercise regularly, only start to mentioned about them being tired only after when they are in the mid thirties.
As what I have gathered, fish oil has this benefit of improving ones mobility. With or without exercise, we cannot entirely stop the aging process, but we may be able to delay or slow down the process. You may be asking what have this got to do with fish oil helping to lose weight or fats, but to me, it is relevant. Even if you have no plans to exercise, I believe it will be better if you are able to walk a bit faster, or move around faster, than being slower. I won’t want to say that this will help to burn more calories, giving you the false impression that walking a bit faster than normal will help you burn more calories thus lose weight. But I believe, more mobility equals more energy, and more energy equals better basal metabolism. Having an improved basal metabolism is far more important than having a few more calories burnt because you walk or move faster. But, sad to mention, this benefit that fish oil or any other supplements provide, is very hard to prove and measure, unlike the part of the lowering of cholesterol level and high blood pressure.
Thinner your blood – this benefit is one the best benefit about consuming enough fish oil, and with the least competitions, even amongst the western medicine practitioners. Although for many reasons which I don’t understand, why it is not used as a prescribe medication to treat high blood or high cholesterol. The explanation from those in favour of fish oil is that, fish oil cannot be patented as a drug, and with no patent or copy rights, there is no reasons for them to promote it. As for the western medicine practitioners, many times instead of endorsing and approving of its usage to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, came up with the side effects for overdose of fish oil. I wonder why and really don’t understand. And do you know what the one important side effect that was mentioned is? It was that, it will thinner the blood, therefore will lead to a non-stopped bleeding when you have a cut. Isn’t this a stupid argument? It is to me. It is just like saying, eating too much vegetables is no good for you, because it will cause adhesion colic or clog to your intestine. Or, drinking too much water is no good for you; it will cause your stomach to sag. Come on lah! Everything good thing in this world, can be overdosed, need it be mentioned? Try eating 30 kgs of thousand years ginseng everyday for one month, and see if it will lengthen or prolong your life. You will be dead in no time! I sometimes wonder why these professionals, just can’t be objective for these matters, that each practice has its own strength and weakness. It is not that like a belief in religions matters, that you can only believe in one, or you will go to hell! Come on lah! Be more objective lah. Okay, enough of the anger, and back to the part of the side effect that fish oil will thinner your blood and that you will die of bleeding, every time you cut yourself, and this is only if, you have overdosed it. You see, they do believe that it will thinner your blood if you have taken fish oil, but because if you have overdosed it, it will cause you to bleed non stopped. So, it won’t be prescribed by the doctors because of its slow good effects and the dangerous side effect of cutting you finger while cooking or digging your nose till it bleeds non-stopped. So please, if there happen to be any doctor reading this chapter, please email me and explain to me why fish oil can’t be prescribed to treat high blood pressure. But please do a little homework of reading about it before you come into any serious conclusion.
For this, I am hoping in the near future, they will prescribe fish oil or any other supplements to high cholesterol and high blood pressure patients, because if they were to do that, I believe the cost of supplements will drop, and that you won’t have to worry if the supplements that you bought from the MLM company are oil made from snakes!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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17. Lesson – Supplement – part 3

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 23-04-2009

In my last article, I mentioned that my first findings and conclusion on fish oil is that it will actually improve one’s cholesterol and high blood conditions, and all these are obesity related conditions. Please write to me if you really need help on high blood matters, or if you need just to assure that I am not just another blogger sprouting nonsense. Just Msn or Skype me and I will look right in yours eyes, and tell you that this is real and I am not a snake oil seller. I am willing to help because high blood can be fatal if not taken care properly, and not to mention about the side effects derive from taking those pills. And my second findings for fish oil are that, you will need to eat fat to burn fat.

This is again, is part of a low carbo diet theory. Most low carbo diet not only restricts carbo, but protein as well, so what’s left to eat? Fats lah. For so many years on low carbo diet, still consistently learning and reading on topics on low carbo diet, I have often gone into arguments or discussions that I feel that so many have been misinformed. Many don’t even know what carbo is. I have even one time one guy ask me in a doubtful expression that, if there is carbo in soft drink, and that how can drinks make one put on weight. I don’t blame him because he was just about 22 years old during that time of the conversation, and still have a good metabolism to burn the sugar in his soft drinks. Let’s wait till he reaches 30 years old and we’ll see if soft drink can make someone put on weight. And there is another guy who is trying to lose weight, said that low carbo diet don’t work on him, he told me he eats legume with fish paste (in Singapore, we call it yong tau hu) in soup, not knowing that at least 50 percent of the portion is filled with carbo, if he, didn’t finish the soup. You may be thinking now if I have included the soup, the percentage will lessen the carbo content by 20 percent, right? Wrong! IT WILL INCREASE THE PERCENTAGE! And if you are thinking, how can that be? Let me explain to you, I don’t what you guys put in your soup when you cooked them, or how you hawker cooked your soup in your country. But in Singapore, this is what they add in your soup, rock sugar. Ever heard this expression: “This soup taste sweet.” In fact, it is literally sweet, because of the added rock sugar!

Let’s put the “which is carbo and which is not” subject till another time and get back to the topic on fish oil and what do I mean by: you will need to eat fat to burn fat. As I know, when our metabolism rates go down after we reach certain age, we will find it hard to burn the carbo and protein that we eat. Another way to explain is, of the 3 items that we consume, carbo, protein and fat, fat has the least impact on the blood sugar, which also mean, will make your feeling of being full, last longer. In order to really understand this, I may have to explain to you about how your insulin hormones in your body work. I will try to gather my thoughts and understanding and write it down on another article. In points form; these are the benefits you will get if you consume enough fish oil for awhile.

  • Feel full or less hungry
  • Burn body fat more efficiently
  • More mobility
  • Thinner your blood
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Better memory
  • Better eyes sight

As you can see, the first four benefits are weight loss related benefits. If I seriously want to argue, the fifth benefit on reduce inflammation should be considered weight loss related, why? Because if you have an active arthritis problem going on, how can you exercise? Unless if you are the type of person who when faced stress moment, loses your appetite. As for me, the stress eater, eat more when I am in pain or stress.

Although the benefits of fish oil on the healing of arthritis in the Europe as I mentioned before, was so successful, for some reasons the western medicine practice didn’t quite accept it only till recently, where I believed they prescribe it even in our government hospital, I think for eyes ailments. But I wonder have they accepted it to help reduce inflammation in arthritis patients, because as I said before, my doctor didn’t believe it. Okay, I am talking too much about arthritis, back to the benefits of fish oil on weight loss.

Feel full or less hungry – why did I place this benefit in the first position? It is because I think this is the number one important element for any one who wants to lose weight. I believe if you want to lose weight, you will need to go on a diet that suits you. Be it the low carbo or low calorie diet, if you feel too hungry after following them, that’s bad. You may end up eating more if the hunger caught you at a weak or stressful moment. Unless if you have a superb ability to tolerate hunger for a long time, if not, how many can go on to be hungry for months. Yes, I am talking about months, not days. If you 10 kgs overweight, you will need at least a month or two to lose that weight with consistent dieting. Dieting cannot be done part time; you cannot diet for 5 days and let loose for the weekends. There is no such thing as a 5 days week for serious dieter. To maintain your weight, yes, you can do that, but to lose them, you need to be consistent. So, what do you do if you want to go on a long term diet and not feel too hungry? Fish oil is the solution. It will make you feel full, for beginners, you may even feel bloated. So, if you are taking appetite suppresser, you may want to think about changing it to fish oil.

Burn body fat more efficiently – with the omega 3 and its allied content in fish oil, everyone knows that they are fatty acid that helps to burn fat right. But I believe the grade of the fish oil may determine the rate of your fat being burnt. I was told and also have read that the best quality of fish oil is pharmaceutical grade, which I think, means the more concentrated fish oil, which can be collected from the fish with more sophisticated and new pharmaceutical equipment. For this, just google it and you will probably know I what mean. As for the next two benefits, I will continue in my next article.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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16. Lesson – Supplements – part 2

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 21-04-2009

In my last article, I mentioned about the Omega Zone by Dr Barry Sear and how I followed his book and went for a blood test. The blood test turned out not too bad. Because of my arthritis, I was on pain killer since diagnosed, about when I was 20 years old. I will have to visit my specialist at Alexandra Hospital every 4 months, unless there is any sudden serious flared up. My flare up became less frequent after I started following a low carbo diet, something that my doctor didn’t agree to. She is a non believer in health supplements and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and will frown every time I suggest to her that my improvement was due to my change in my diet and consuming all these supplements. My health was the worst, I think at about year 2000, when I was at 110 kgs, and was on the pain killer, high blood and high cholesterol medication, as according to my doctor, at the maximum doses, and I have to stress that all these, was just before I seriously followed a low carbo diet. But although the low carbo diet did help a lot in reducing my pain and weight, there are still occasional flare up and also stiff body joints. Other then the low carbo diet, I was also already taking TCM and supplements like vitamin c, and some multivitamins and minerals. But, I could still feel some aches and stiffness, especially when playing badminton and basketball. Being a not so negative person, I was still glad, at least I was still able to exercise, not too bad for a guy with arthritis and used to be 20 kgs heavier.

It was only when one of my neighbour, cum now, a very close friend, Johnny, had a new baby, Joey. So, during the new born celebration, another neighbour of ours, Arthur, was with me chatting on health matters. Its turned out that both of us were health conscious freaks and when I mentioned about my arthritis, high blood and high cholesterol, all the chronic illnesses that most western doctors say cannot be cured, he told me that his mother-in law has successfully withdrawn her high blood medication. It was a very good news to me as I have read so many articles that high blood pressure can be cured, but not one time met anyone who has successfully done it. For you info, as according to western medicine, once you are on high blood medication, there is no turning back, meaning, you cannot stopped it once you are on it, not even if you blood pressure readings become normal. Don’t believe me, go and ask your doctor. Same goes to high cholesterol medications. Just to share a bit of scary information on high blood medications, on how it works. I have all the while thought that high blood medications will thinner your blood, so that it flows more smoothly thus improving your high blood readings, but boy was I wrong. This is what one of the very beautiful pharmacist in Alexandra Hospital told me (if she weren’t that pretty, I may not have taken 5 minutes of my precious time to listen to her. Ha ha, just joking lah, to me, all the ladies in white are angels in my eyes). She told me that in order to let my blood flows slower, the high blood medication actually SLOWS DOWN THE RATES MY HEART IS PUMPING! How? Isn’t this scary?

So back to my neighbour. He told me that he believed 2 things helped in his mother-in-law’s high blood conditions, fish oil and Homeopathy. The Homeopathy is a bit difficult to understand how its work, all I know is the homeopath doctor will ask you questions for about 20 minutes and then give you a potion or pill which will last till the next session. I did read about it before visiting one but is too deep for me. So I just went for 2-3 sessions and stopped, just because I was not excited about the treatment since I don’t understand how it works. But I heard it is recently getting more popular as there are more and more of such doctors and clinics. And as for the fish oil, I can understand how it works after reading the book by Dr Barry Sear, so, I when ahead to buy some fish oil from my neighbour. I was hopeful even before I took the fish oil as I know that Omega 3 and 6 are sold by many products that are from MLM’s company. I didn’t take it before because I didn’t know it can really help in reducing high blood and high cholesterol, which was very important to me at that time. I didn’t buy them before partly because of its cost as well. But to improve my high blood conditions, I tried to use the recommended dosage, which is pretty high, about 3 grams of fish oil per day. It is not the highest yet; the highest doses are for those who have Parkinson, Alzheimer and many other sorts of inflammatory related diseases. As to my understanding, there are now more and more illnesses that are categorize under inflammatory related diseases, even allergies. And fish oil has been proven, even by western medicine, of its effectiveness.

And for all those who wants to lose weight, you may be glad to know that being overweight may somehow be related to have certain of your body parts being inflamed, for example, your blood. I may be explaining this in a wrong way, but all I know that if you take some fish oil for a few months, and at the same time follow a low carbo diet, you will reduce such an inflammation in your blood, which can be tested. It will reduce HDL and triglycerides level and increase your LDL level. Please take note that in LDL readings, there is a so called good and bad item, which can only be tested different, only when requested. The normal blood count won’t tell this reading. I stopped seeing my specialist after 15 years because of this reading. It was because the LDL reading was high, as I expected after taking so much fish oil, but my doctor decides that I need more medications. What I didn’t tell her was that I have actually stopped both the high blood and high cholesterol medications; because my previous few months reading showed that they were ok, and that I didn’t feel the giddiness and “stone” feeling, all results from taking those medications, all after I stopped them. Do you believe if I compiled all the side effects that I got from taking all these western medications, it can be a chapter by itself? That’s why I am not to go there now. So, after my doctor threatened to increase my medication, I stopped visiting her. I remember just a few sessions before that, when I told her that my high blood readings improved because I was sure it was the fish oil, do you know what she said? She told me to save all these monies and use it for my son’s future higher level education. Now I am thinking, if I continue to see her and follow her instructions, will I live that long? But, having said that, I am still very grateful to her for her care during the initial state of my conditions. Thank you, Dr Ng.

So after I stopped seeing her, my conditions didn’t worsen, and now, I am drug free from my high blood and high cholesterol conditions. The only western medication that I am taking now is my arthritis’s pain killer. I manage to cut the doses by half, for a few years already, and am doing well now, I didn’t dare to stopped the medication entirely now, but I believe sooner or later I will do that, with the help of fish oil and my others supplements. So, my first findings and conclusion on fish oil is that it will actually improve one’s cholesterol and high blood conditions, and all these are obesity related conditions. My second findings, is that, you will need to eat fat to burn fat. Deep right? I will continue in my next article.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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15. Lesson – Supplements – part 1

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 20-04-2009

Finally! I have come to this part of my blog to sell something that all of you guys are waiting for, and therefore make some money, if not, who is so free to write a blog and not make money, right? What I am going to sell you is so good that it will shock you and I believe you will immediately come to Singapore to buy it from me. If you are at the other corner of the world, say, United States of America, just take a plane down here and I promised you that you will not regret buying it after reading what I got to sell. It is a pill. All you need to do is to take one, not more than one, if you take more than one and become too thin, don’t blame me. You will see your weight melting away in 4 weeks and you will never need to take another pill again. No need for back breaking exercise, no diet and no money needed to be spent any more in this life of yours on weight loss, never again! In fact, it is so good that I have named it “The super effective one time and forever stay thin pill” TM. And do you know what the best part is? It is only selling at Singapore dollar at $199.90.

But, there is one condition that you will need to meet, you will need to wait, wait long long, for about 20 years after I have fine tuned the product. I will just take order now and please be reminded; it is on a first come first serve basis!

Get it? Ha ha! Still pondering what is all these nonsense about right? You see, the product that I have mentioned is the dream product that everyone is looking for, fat and thin, sick or healthy. It is the “take one time and forever stay thin, or young, or healthy, or beautiful pill”. With the high technology nowadays and the vast research in improving our health, many believe that such a pill will eventually be materialized. But, I think not. Such an elixir may not exist even until Armageddon, this is what I think. Why do I think like that, when even cancer, aids can be controlled, why not obesity? If you say controlled, I agree that it can be done, but not just by taking one or two bottles of miracle drug or vitamins, let alone one pill. You see, cancer can be controlled, but with proper care in the patient’s diet and long term used of medication. The same goes to weight control, it can be controlled, with a long term battle, or should I say, a permanent battle, with diet, exercise and even supplements. There is no short cut. You cannot be eating all you want and still stay thin unless you are genetically born to do that. This is also why I have always believe that you need these two elements in terms of losing weight healthily. The same goes to control of other ailments. They are time and money! Time for the exercise, and money for the diet and supplements, especially if you are on a low carbo diet. The topics on the importance on supplements on weight loss, will be so long that I can write a book about them, so I am just going to share with you what I am taking and what are the benefits.

  • Fish oil
  • Vitamin C

Fish oil – I have taken many weight loss products like fat burner, appetite suppresser or metabolism increaser, but all of them out together, cannot be compared to the fish oil that I am taking now. It is not that fat burner don’t work, they do work, although very slowly, but still definitely better and important compared to not take any supplements at all. And there is the cost factor as well. Most weight loss products do not work alone, not that fish oil does, but in terms of cost and the need to swallow too many pills, I still grade fish oil the better product. If you read the instructions on weight loss products like fat burner, I think quite often they will write in small print that it works well with appetite suppresser or metabolism increaser, and don’t be surprised that they are all from the same company. Good strategy right? But this is how they are supposed to work, I think because either the ingredients in these three products can’t be blended together for too long, or it will be too expensive to put all the three ingredients together and thus cause a bad strategy in terms of the marketing point of view. But in actual fact, they are supposed to work together, leaving out one may cause weight gain rather than weight loss. This is what I think.

Fat burner and metabolism increaser cause you to be hungry. Most of them somehow will even bring up your body temperature, or feels like it does. You will feel not only more hungry than usual, but also feel warm. Many years ago when I took them, with a friend’s recommendation, I not only felt hungry and warm, but felt depress as well. I think because the fat burner burnt so well that I was feeling hungry the whole day, therefore led to the depression. My friend felt the same way, but he was able to persist. But later he couldn’t take the hunger any more and then he took the appetite suppresser. I followed along, but really felt that in long run, it is too expensive. I stopped after three to four bottles, of each, because I was losing really too little for that kind of cost. I lost about one to two kgs. But, come to think of it, if there were no panicky hunger pant, I may have continued longer, despite the cost. The hunger pant was really unbearable. In fact, the hunger even persisted even after I stopped the supplements. I think the metabolism increaser may have excited my gastric juice quite a bit, leading to my panicking hunger pant. And after not long, I put on some weight because was feeling hungrier than before. Okay, my purpose here is not to condemn fat burner and its allied products, they may be better fat burner than the ones I took, that may not cause panicking hunger pant, but my logics tell me most of them will cause, because this is what it does, burn fat and increase your metabolism. so, if you have better discipline and a stronger will power than mine, go ahead and try them, but as for me, I will stick to eating fish oil, for the following reasons.

Fish oil was largely used during the 18th or 19th century in Europe (pardon the great difference in the date, I read it in a book but forgotten the actual period and am too lazy to find it. Ha, no wonder I am fat most of my life right? So lazy.), not for weight loss, but for an arthritis epidemic during that time. Anyone here taken Scott cod liver fish oil before? The bottle has a man lifting a huge fish which is half his size, and it tastes like stale fish. It tastes like stale fish, because in fact, it is extract from stale fish. Okay lah, not exactly stale fish lah, but still pretty fishy. Why? Because it is extract of cod fish liver. Fish itself is pretty fishy already and let alone its liver. But for those who know or try this brand of cod liver oil after 1990, may be wondering what the hell I am talking about. Well, the taste for the fish oil was somehow improved by adding lime or orange to cover the foul smell. So, unless you have bought the classic one, it now tastes a lot better. But wait, don’t stopped reading now and go and buy the fish oil, I am not finished yet, and I better tell you now incase you stopped half way through reading this article and go tell everyone that Horse Chicken Dragon said that Scott fish oil will help you lose weight. It doesn’t, especially those that have the added flavour. In fact, it may cause you to gain weight. You will think now, what the hell I am talking now, first fish oil is a supplement that helps to lose weight, then, and fish oil will make it gain weight. Okay, please cool down now, take a few good deep breaths as what is taught in blog number 3, and read on. Not all fish oil supplements are manufactured the same. There is some superior grade fish oil, as well as inferior grade fish oil. And not that the Scott fish oil is inferior, but the added flavour, which is sugar. You see, fish oil supplements are manufactured for two major different purposes, one for arthritis, and one for weight loss. The rest of the purposes are not important to me yet, that’s why I didn’t read much about it. As the Scott fish oil, it was meant for deterring arthritis or some other health benefits, but not for weight loss. There is too much sugar, despite its goodness for your health, it will probably not help in losing weight, especially if you can’t digest sugar well, like me.

I first come to know of fish oil, not because of losing weight, but for my chronic illness, Ankylosing Spondylities, a kind of bone growing arthritis. I had this illness since I was 16 years old, but had its pain quite under control all the while. It has flared up quite frequently, especially on hot or cold weather, but I was still able to lead quite a normal life. My neighbour was the one who recommended fish oil supplements to me. But before he sold me anything, he borrowed me a book on fish oil, which is Omega Zone, by Dr Barry Sear. I am a person who is willing to try anything, so, I read the book first. And the content of this book was pretty much like Atkins Diet, the main difference is the large doses of fish oil recommended. Obviously, this doctor sells fish oil, no doubt about it, but the details given in his book is very convincing, and although till today I still feel that he is a copy cat to the Atkins Diet. The high doses recommended was, I think probably 10 to 20 times higher than the RDA. But its purpose stated was to heal, not just for supplement, for certain illnesses like arthritis and diabetes. His theory on weight loss was that, some people gain weight, because of some kind of inflammation, in the blood or something. And the great thing is, it can be tested by a blood test. I did that test after following what he taught in his book. It works! This page is getting too long, I will continue in my next blog on this fish oil topic.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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14. Lesson 3 – Chewing your food

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 06-04-2009

Again, just like the breathing lesson, I am going to talk about something you have already known, or born to know, but yet still not doing it the best way. And yes, just like breathing that comes so naturally, many of us are doing it not the right way. Not really the wrong way, but it can be done better, just like breathing. However, I think that the way we eat our food nowadays, is being changed, or forced, by our way of modern life. Just like breathing, although you don’t mind or want to breathe in the way I have mentioned in my previous lesson, it is sometimes obstructed by environmental reasons. Our air is so polluted; you may have learnt the skill of better way of breathing, but you may not be always be at the right place to practice it, places that may be too polluted, smelly or crowded. As for chewing your food in a better way, it is the time factor rather than the location factor. What do I mean? If you have read any articles on chewing your food, this is what it normally tells you to do. Chew or grind your food, especially if you are eating meat, into tiny pieces, so that it is well mixed with your saliva and thus giving your digestive system less pressure, and blah blah blah. So, in order to “grind” the meat that you ate into tiny pieces, like into mince meat, how long does it take for you to do so? Almost all of the articles I have read stated the benefits of chewing your food, but they didn’t mention the disadvantages or obstacles. They didn’t mention how long it will take. For my experience, this is how long you will take to eat the various kind of food.

  1. A bowl of fried rice – estimated 10 minutes. Why 10 minutes? This is the break down. One plate of rice is about 20 spoon of rice. Take 30 seconds to chew each spoon. Therefore it will take 10 minutes to finish your bowl of fried rice.
  2. A bowl of mixed rice vegetable including a bowl of rice, one serving of vegetables, one serving of fried egg and one serving of pork – estimated 15 minutes. The break down, a bowl of rice about 10 spoon of rice, 5 spoon of vegetable, 5 spoon of fried egg and 5 spoon of pork, all at 30 seconds per spoon, except the pork. You will need more time to chew your pork, say 1 minute per spoon, therefore total up to 15 minutes.
  3. A plate of pork chop – estimated 20 minutes. The break down, 15 spoon of pork chop and 10 spoon of salad and French fries. 1minute for every spoon of pork and 30 seconds for every spoon of salad and French fries.


But, who in the world got 20 minutes for one meal!? Definitely not us Singaporean! May be for some tribes in Indonesia or Africa, but not people in Singapore! Or even most of the world, especially for most of the more developed world. You will be considered very lucky to have a full one hour lunch break, not to forget to include the walking distance to and fro, washing your hands, queuing for your food, or waiting to get a seat. Some people I know have to wait for their boss to leave the office before they can go for their lunch break. Pathetic, right? But this is the fact. Who has time to slowly chew your food for 20 minutes in this fast moving world of ours!

But ok, lah, you are not eating pork chop every day, may be most of the time you will eat fried rice. This is ok if you are following a low calories diet, which doesn’t work for me. But if you are a low carbo diet follower, like me, you will really have to spend a lot of time chewing the meat you are eating.

Ok, before I go on and make you think I am a negative person, I better tell you, it is not all that bad. I am just simply reminding you that there is a more proper way to eat and chew your food. It is only if you will want to change it, you will need some effort, just like the rest of the lessons, or may be in life, your life. Not many people can accept changes. But I like to quote here a word of wisdom from the movie by Keanu Reeve, The little Buddha. In the movie, when he decided to stop torturing himself to attain enlightenment, some of his peers and follower say he a quitter and left him. He said: “To learn is to change.” There is something here I cannot add is when he said it, it was with a very strong Indian accent. These words leave a very deep impression in me, which is my guide in many instances, where I need to give up my old habits and pick up new ones. As simple as it sound, just like breathing, it is not so easy to change the way you chew your food, sometimes due to the time factor. However, these are some tips that I have gathered throughout my years of practicing more proper chewing, and hope it can help you with a good start.

  1. You may want to practice with some snacks. My personal favourite is nuts. Not peanuts, but nuts like cashew or almond nuts. These nuts may be quite expensive, but if you can learn to chew them, it won’t cost you that much, when compared with the old way you were gobbling down your food. Just eat one at a time, grinding your nuts into paste before swallowing it. Take a minute or 2 for just one nut. So, even if you had eaten 20 nuts, it will take you 20 minutes and cost you probably only 30 cents. Just remember not to lose your patience, since this isn’t the usual way of you eating your food. You may feel a bit of anxiety because you will secrete more saliva than usual, just drink some water to reduce that feeling of anxiety. My second choice of snack is quite put off by some people, it is cuttlefish, honey coated, but not with sugar. Some can’t stand the smell, some just comment that it is of very high cholesterol. But for a low carbo diet follower like me, high cholesterol food is not an issue. The worst comment is from my mum, that is, cuttlefish, in terms of a Chinese description, is “toxic”, just like crabs and shrimps. Chinese physician will mostly warned you not to take all these “toxic” food, especially if you have a cut or wound, because it will intoxicate your blood for a long time, thus slowing down the healing process. But as according to my studies and some researches, it is that all these so called “toxic” food, are of high protein, and will cause some forms of allergy. So, of course for those who has strong allergy effects towards these foods, too bad, you probably even can’t follow a low carbo diet. And in order not to let my mum worry, and I won’t want to try to explain to her my findings of the “food with high protein” theory, every time when I buy my 1 kgs of cuttlefish, I have to hide them as if they were drugs or some porn video collections. Ha!
  2. Prepare some food to take away. There is a Chinese saying: “Breakfast must be nutritious, lunch must be eaten till full, dinner must not be too full.” The breakfast is the most important meal, as it is the time when you wake up with an empty stomach, thus having the best nutrients absorbing rates. But unfortunately, I think the breakfast, in most cases, are the ones that are poorly handled. Why? Most of the people can’t even wake up on time for their work, where got time for a proper breakfast. So, this is what I do, I pack my food and eat while I am driving to work. Huh? Many of you reading will want to ask me, isn’t this way of eating, even more unhealthy, to eat on the run? But we were taught from young that we should eat at the table, with no distraction from TV, computer games and even talking. I beg to differ. If compare with gobbling down your food in 2 minutes, I would rather eat and chew my food slowly with my 30 minutes journey to work. I will also eat in front of my television, since I am going to spend 1 hour watching my show any way. I think to sit down for 30 minutes on my table just to eat my food is even more torturing. So, just don’t worry about the indigestion you may get while eating, from watching a horror movie, which I seriously doubt so, unless the type of movie you are watching are those gut spilling type.

My conclusion, if you are a very busy person, so busy that you have no time to eat, or slowly chew your food, then do it on the run. You are better off chewing your food slowly while driving, than eating hastily on the dinner table. Spend your time eating and watching television at the same time. However, the only problem in Singapore to eat on the run is a bit restricted if you are travelling in a public transport.


Written by: Horse chicken dragon



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13. The 5 things you should do before you start to go on an exercise regime – part 5

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Previously, I mentioned about the 5 things to get you ready, if you want to exercise to lose some weight.

5. Get a friend who is willing to play a sport with you but will not grumble because you are slow.

It is a strange requirement, right? Not only it is strange, it is tough at the same time! First of all, when we talk about exercising to lose weight, the first exercise that comes into our mind would be jogging, swimming, probably follow by working out in the gym. Jogging and swimming are still ok if you want to do them alone by yourself, but, how long can you last? What I am trying to say is, exercises like jogging and swimming are really very boring and monotonous activities. They are so boring that while I am doing it, I felt very stressful. Imagine getting up 5am in the morning, getting change, and travelling to the nearest park, then jog for 20 minutes, then go back home, all alone, with no one to grumble to. And not to forget the feeling of pain, fatigue and self pitying, all kind of adverse feeling one get from self torturing, all alone. And to get someone who is of your same standard and speed, in terms of physical activities, to do the workouts with you, is even tougher. Who will want to jog with someone who is 2 times slower than them? Will you want to jog with your 80 years old grandmother? I personally as a slow person won’t want to. I don’t even want to swim or play badminton with my own son, Brandon, who I love dearly, because of his elementary level in sports. So, what makes you think you can find a friend to accompany you with your stressful moments during your weight loss exercise?

I was very fortunate that I didn’t have to go through the hard way of exercising, namely the jogging and swimming one, for long. Same like every one else, I had many times planned, and a few times, on a new year, to start some regular exercise like jogging and swimming. There was even one time, on a new years eve or the day itself, pledging to keep it until I have attained my idea weight. But most of the time, it didn’t last long, as I can remember, never more than a month. It was just too sad, to torture yourself, mostly at a time when everyone else is resting, either in the early morning, or in the evening where sometimes you can even hear the TV shows. I asked myself on a few occasions, what I am doing?

It was only until 1994, that I found an exercise that is less torturing. It was badminton. I really enjoy it, although it was something entirely new to me, and I was very clumsy at first, but yet I enjoy. There was actually one very important factor, that I was enjoying it. Not because it is a sport that everyone will enjoy, but was because of the people that I played with. Take note! This is very important; it is not what you are playing, but who you are playing with! And yes, this is a very, very important factor! At that time, I was playing with my colleagues, from a company named Sunderland, some were very good, and also a few rookies like me. So, to make the game more fun, we will mostly paired up 1 good player, with a rookie, and that would be sometimes, me. Win or lose, it normally doesn’t matter, it was only after a few months later, that we place some side bets, to make it even more challenging, like push up or sit up, or may be a drink. But I only saw the bright and happy side of this exercise, not the dark side yet. Ha ha, it is not so scary lah, I just phrased it this way to make spicier. I really need to repeat this before I go on; it is not what you are playing, but who you are playing with! In about 1999, after I moved from Chai Chee to Bukit Panjang, that was after I left my Sunderland, where I stopped playing badminton for about 2 years. I met with my old friend from my National Service, Robin, who also moved to Bukit Panjang, who had joined me before with my colleagues in Sunderland. We fixed a time to play badminton at CCK sport hall. After a few sessions, our group grew bigger, as Robin, a very sociable guy, when around getting people to join us. But as the group got bigger, there were some unhappy incidents. What happened? Some of the guys that we played with, were pretty serious in the games. Some, out of good will, or just plain cocky, began to coach us, the weaker players. No doubt they were a lot better than us, but we just can’t stand the way we were coached. It’s seem like every move that we have made, were all wrong. There were a few times, one of the idiots, wanted to walk out half way through the games as I was simply too clumsy and making all the wrong moves when teaming up with him. It was all my fault! That was the way he expressed it! I kept my cool because I still enjoyed the game sometimes, and really value the side effects of this game, the weight loss and feel good side effects. It was only after a few years, where this bad moments became lesser and lesser, I think because I became better and better in this game. My friend Robin stopped playing after awhile, because he just can’t stand playing with some of the cocky guys, and also to point out, he wasn’t as fat as I was (Sorry Robin, don’t mean to tell the whole world that you are fat), so, wasn’t as motivated as I was. I have played badminton from 2000 to about 2007, after I moved to Bukit Panjang where I stopped due to work commitment.

Another sport that I played was with my primary cum secondary school mate, Ah Fook, basketball. This is in all a less stressful sport, in my point of view, when compared with badminton. Why? Because you can be lousy, but gets less coaching. There is no time for that. Unlike badminton, normally we don’t stopped and coached poorer players. How we penalised poorer players, were just not to pass to them, and made them played defence. It’s more of a team work game, where the weak can also play; you just need to pass the ball to the better players. But of course if you are too weak, you won’t get to enjoy the game as much. Will you want to play in the game and not score? Especially in a game with such a high score rate. Unless you are like Dennis Rodman, who gets pay millions just by playing defence.

So, to sum up what I am trying to tell, is that getting an exercise partner is not so easy, despite that I feel it is a very important “tools” if you are exercising to lose weight. You may have the right friend but staying too far, or may have a friend staying near by but don’t play your kind of sport. Or may be the standard of your friend is too high for you. But don’t give up so easily. Finding such a friend may be tough, but I really think it is necessary. I probably won’t be playing basketball for 6 to 7 years if not because of my best friend Ah Fook, and before I forget to mention, he stays in the east, and have to travel 20 or more minutes to join me, not forgetting the same journey back home. For this, I salute and thank him very much, although he didn’t do this for me. And lastly, just need to add a piece of my thought, sometimes I feel that getting an exercise partner, is even more difficult than getting a lover!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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