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23. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – Part 4

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 29-05-2009

Have you ever asked yourself?

4. Is there such a magical pill that can help you to lose weight without combining any diet or exercise?

Have you ever heard of the first emperor of a unified China, Qin Shi Huang (Chinese: 秦始皇), on the story of him looking for an elixir that can make him live forever? The version I heard is that he send an official, who might be a physician, with 500 teenage boys and girls, to search for some thousands year ginseng that can let him live forever. So instead of finding such an elixir, the official was worried that he might have his head cut off because he couldn’t find what he think is right, or he actually already know he will not find such a thing even before he set off, and fled away with the 500 boys and girls. The story was that the 500 boys and girls settled in the place, which is now, Korea. And Emperor Qin Shi Huang, instead of living forever, died at quite a young age of 50 years old. Sad right? What is even sadder to know is that he may have died of overdosed of mercury, which is found in some of the portions that he had taken in believe that they may extend his life. So, what the moral of this story? Do not send boys and girls to do a man’s job, so that you won’t end up with an mercury overdosed, or what?

Actually there isn’t any moral to the story that I want to mention. I just want to share with you the idea that even a man as powerful as Emperor Qin Shi Huang, couldn’t find such an elixir, so it may be that there may not be such a thing right? Okay, I have to admit that it is not fair to compare a weight loss product with an elixir, especially with the medical advancements that may be 10 times better than during the time of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. But, I think with even such advancements, we may be still far from the dream product. What do I mean by a dream product? I believe many people will hope that a dream weight loss product should be like this;

  1. Just a pill, that after finishing it, will last until the day you die of a car or plane crash. Why plane crash? Because the pill will make you so super slim and fit forever that you won’t look or grow old. So unlikely you will die of any illnesses.
  2. Allow you to be able to eat what you want, any time, any where, any amount and grow only muscles.
  3. Give you lots and lots of endless stream of energy.
  4. That you will never need to exercise for the rest of your life. But if you really like to do it, you need to take it easy as you won’t want to have bulging muscles like Mr Universe.
  5. With no side effect at all. Not even side effect like too much gas from the stomach.

Ha, what a wonderful product right? But, our body is not built that way. It may not be possible, not even for the next hundred years. Let’s be practical, I think a good enough product should be like this.

  1. A pill a day. But should not be too expensive. So that even if you really need to consume them for a long time before you reach your ideal weight, it will not burn a big hole in your pocket, instead of just burning your fats.
  2. Will make you grow muscles, and because a body with more muscles will burn more calories than a body with more fats, it should make you reach your ideal weight faster. But so far I see that most such products that have this feature need to be accompanied by lots of weight baring exercises.
  3. Give you enough energy to pull through an hour of exercise. Most products I think overstate the part on increasing of the energy levels; I believe those that do give you this benefit may be because they have caffeine contents in it. I think only steroid will give you a near feeling of endless stream of energy, but it will also give you a endless stream of stomach or liver ulcers.
  4. You should be very glad if you can grow some muscles if you do some weight baring exercise. I am a mover that exercises 2 to 3 times a week, but I don’t grow muscles easily. Even when I slim down very much sometimes, my body is a bit flabby. I believe strongly that this got some great relations to the body type. I have seen many people with very beautiful body cut but don’t really exercise, although when I ask them, they said that it is because of their nature of “hard” work. And guess what do they work as? Cleaners or hawkers.
  5. Show signs of mild side effects especially in the initial state. I believe some signs of side effects are better than none. It proves that you body is changing, and that is something that you want to happen right? What the point of eating something but you don’t feel any changes to your body; they may just be really snake oil.

Come to think of it, there may be products that give such benefits. But, I think in order to get all these benefits; you will probably have to take a few products, rather than just one. So, may be one day some health products companies may combine all these products in one pill, but it will probably be a size of an egg. Ha ha!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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22. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – part 3

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 22-05-2009

Have you ever asked yourself:

3. Is there any weight loss program that delivers the promise of permanent weight loss effect?

If I tell you that there is such a product that if taken one month and you will be forever young, beautiful and slim, will you believe me? I can understand that everyone is looking for permanent one time solution for their wealth, health and weight problem. Who will want to work everyday for the rest of your life for money, or go jogging everyday, or go on a diet everyday when there are so much other fun things to do in life? Especially with our modern life well equipped and loaded with electronic gadgets like internet access, cable tv, DVD, fast food and the ability to really travel the world in eighty days if you got the money. There is so much fun thing around us to distract us, who will have the time and want to spend 1 to 2 hours just to lose their excess weight? Most people will need to work for 8 hours, travel for 2 hours to and fro work, eat for 1 hour, sleep for 8 hours, and for the remaining 5 hours to spend with their family, watching tv, do some house chore, send mail, pay payment, coaching your children school work, laze around and shit. Where to find so much time to exercise to lose weight or keep fit? Therefore, everyone is hoping and looking for a product that won’t spend so much of your time, to help you lose your excess weight or keep fit. So, whenever you see a commercial showing a product that help you to lose weight or keep fit without spending so much of your time, you will buy it. You see, you won’t even want to spend your few hours evaluating the product and hope that it really work the way you wish it works. For most people, when they buy the product, there are actually buying a hope, rather than the product itself. Do you believe there are so many people buying such a product and then not use it? Or may be just use it for once or twice? I have seen it many times. Do you remember the product recommended by the TV Media, Power Rider? In case you have not heard of it, it is an exercise machine that is sold by this TV program that sells things, solely sell things. It is usually shown late night and last for about 1 hour. And for the whole hour they will just sell one or two products, and most of the parts they just keep on repeating it. It is just like those MLM company presentation with live audiences, and many, many testimonials. Come to think of it, it is just like a brain washing program. So, this exercise equipment promises to make you lose 2 to 3kgs a week, without hurting your back like doing sit up, or not making you wet while jogging half way because you are caught in a sudden rain, or not have to queue up 30 minutes in the gym while waiting for the front person to finish using the treadmill. And the design is so light and compact because it comes with a roller and folds up so that you can easily store it in your store room or under the bed. And all it needs from you is just 15 minutes a day to lose those 2 to 3 kgs a week. So in 3 months time you will be able to lose 24 to 36 kgs! Isn’t that wonderful and amazing!? That is of course, if you really do it and goes with a sensible low calories diet.

I have to admit I am of one those people who bought the product. I have used it for like 20 times only then left it to rot in my store room. Only till I went into my moving services, then I realised I wasn’t alone. I have thrown away at least 10 of such equipment for my customers over the first few years in my moving service. Most of them are as good as new! So after seeing so many people dumping it, I decided to throw mine too, because I believe if some day if I will need it, I will just need to wait for some of my customers to throw away theirs then I will take it. Having said all these, I am not condemning this product. I don’t blame the equipment but I do feel upset with myself into believing the tv program. I thought to myself, it is because I have a very low IQ, if not, how come I have still so many times been so easily sold? I think I am just like so many others, just buying a hope. But fortunately, I did have some good experience in buying such health products.

So, back to my question, is there any weight loss program that delivers the promise of permanent weight loss effect? How can that be possible? No matter how good a product may be, if you go and eat buffet everyday, how long can you stay slim? What about aging? You will grow old one day right? As far as I know, weight loss can be tougher and tougher as you grow older, you may lose weight using a particular product or program 10 years ago, but not get the same result despite doing the same thing now. I have said this many times and I will say it again. I believe that whatever effective products or exercise programs it may be, it has to be accompanied by a weight loss diet that suits you. It is what you eat that determines your weight. If exercise alone can make you lose weight, all athletes will vanish into thin air, right?

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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21. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – part 2

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 21-05-2009

Have you ever asked yourself:

2. Why are my brothers, friends and neighbours able to eat 4 bowls of rice, a bowl of noodle and 3 cans of coke, all in 1 day, and not get fat?

I have been asking this question to myself since I was 12 years old. Today, I look at my elder son, Brandon, and ask myself the same question. He is beginning to look like me. Let me tell you what he eats in a typical day and tell me, is he over eating? For breakfast, a hot dog bun. For lunch, half bowl of rice with probably 3 spoon of meat, 3 to 4 nuggets. For dinner, almost the same amount as lunch. And for supper, occasional slice of bread with peanut butter and margarine. He eats what our house helper, Lita, cooks. They are both eating the same food, but Lita, never seems to put on weight. Although she claims that it is because she does more physical work, but I just can’t agree. I did not really make Brandon follow the low carbo diet, because I think its ok for his age to be a little plumb, and that he is still too young. Although I didn’t forbid him in eating junk food, it is still an occasional thing. Personally, I don’t think he is over eating, but yet, it seems like fats are slowly creeping into his pear shape waist.

I remember myself as a fat boy since the age when I was primary 4, 10 years old. In comparison, I think I ate a lot more than what Brandon is eating now, and a bit more plumber than he is now, but taller. The one thing that I don’t understand is that, why my brother, Frankie, who is 3 years older than me, while eating the same food, and more, is slim and fit. Another thing to mention is Frankie’s 2 sons, just like us, who are also 3 years apart, have the same pattern that the elder one is slimmer than the younger one. Because of the way Frankie is able to eat and not gain weight, I started to believe that life is not fair. And because of this belief, I have spent quite a lot of time asking my friends on what they eat, and come to an even stronger conclusion that life is not fair. It was only till when I was 20 something then I come to know of this word call metabolism, and later another word, called basal metabolism. I think the difference in these 2 is that, metabolism is how much air your lungs can contain, and basal metabolism is the measurement of the rate you lose your weight while you were sleeping. Both determined the rate you can burn your body fat. This is a very important factor; imagine you can lose weight by just breathing more and sleeping more. However, the rate of ones metabolism can be changed due to many factors too.

Having said all these about life not being fair, I hope you guys don’t think that I am a whiner. Although I do believe that our body is built differently, that doesn’t mean we should just grumble and do nothing. In fact, since we know that something is wrong with us, we should do something to rectify it. But before we can do any rectification, we must first find out what is the cause of us putting on weight easier than a normal person, because it may very well be really because you are just another glutton trying to push blame to God or your mother, or the cooking of your house helper. These are the few reasons I can come out with that are causing you to put on weight.

  1. The type of food you are eating.
  2. Genetic
  3. Eating habits
  4. Illness
  5. Stress
  6. Lack of exercise
  7. Body type
  8. Hormones
  9. Aging

Some of the reasons are related to each other. But despite all these reason, when I talk about me being unlucky, I am simply comparing 2 persons doing the same thing and eating the same amount of food, at the same point of time. For example, after so many years of learning how to lose weight, I am now slimmer than my brother, who is now losing his speedy metabolism as compared to before. But for me to have this current weight, it is with much effort. So if he is willing and able to put in the same effort as I have done so far, he may very well be slimmer than me again. I won’t be going through what we can do after we have found out the reasons for us putting on weight yet. But in case you are anxious to find out, I got just one thing to say. No matters what reasons may be causing you to put on weight; the first thing to change is your diet. It may be the very difficult, but as I said before, we may know how to do it and can do it, but it is never easy.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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20. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – part 1

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 20-05-2009

Have you ever asked yourself:

  1. Is losing weight as easy as many experts have claimed?
  2. Why are my brothers, friends and neighbours able to eat 4 bowls of rice, a bowl of noodle and 3 cans of coke, all in 1 day, and not get fat?
  3. Is there any weight loss program that delivers the promise of permanent weight loss effect?
  4. Is there such a magical pill that can help you to lose weight without combining any diet or exercise?
  5. Is exercise the only way to lose weight?
  6. Why is Zoe Tay able to lose 11kgs in weeks, and why didn’t she recommend it to Moses Lim or Chen Li Ping?
  7. Why aren’t doctors prescribing Xando or Extrim?
  8. What happen to the brand Minus Fat?
  9. Why did Jacelyn Tay host a show or wrote a book to teach people how to lose weight? Was she ever fat? And why was there a report that she fainted because she skipped her meal? And did she lose her weight because she did what she wrote in her book, skipped meals or because she went to Jean Yip?
  10. What do I still see so many overweight persons in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and health stores? Why aren’t they worried about their own weight and health after meeting so many overweight people everyday?

I actually wrote this page of questions quite sometime back in about 2004 or 2005. I ran through my old file and read it. And it seems like the weight loss industry haven’t changed much since that time. Despite the higher technologies nowadays claiming the revolutionary effects from many weight loss products, I have yet to see one that works and sells as well as popular drugs use for fever or headache such as Panadol. In case you are from outside Singapore and do not know what Panadol is, it is an aspirin, that sells very well for the last 30 years at least. Though they are many bad reports about the side effects that Panadol can caused, we Singaporean are still using them like crazy because of one big reason. The big reason is that, it works, almost at 100 percent rate. You may not feel 100 percent pain free, but most will feel better from their condition minutes after taking them.

But I have yet to see this coming for weight loss products. Although I believe I have found and tried weight loss products to may have its effectiveness to be equivalent with the rates of Panadol, it has to be coupled with an effective weight loss diet. But every time when I see a weight loss advertisement, I frown and ask myself, why do people still believe in these? These are the questions I used to always ask myself when I see and got very excited with some advertisements but later cooled down after I gave myself the answers.

1. Is losing weight as easy as many experts have claimed?

If it is, the persons who are reading this now is probably thinner that Jacelyn Tay. Okay lah, that’s too thin for most people. I will rephrase. If it is, the persons who are reading this now is probably thinner that Zoey Tay. Actually with the advance sciences and understanding of our human body today, we human already know and have found out many ways to lose weight effectively. Newer and sophisticated products that have been produced, exercise programs that have been designed, and the use of alternative medicines and methods, most proof to be effective in some ways or another. Effective? Yes, but yet, it’s never easy. Most producers of such products and programs simply make it sound easy, and sometimes, cheap. Who will want to buy a product that need to be taken for two years to attain the desire results? And who will buy an exercising machine if you know that it will put you in pain? If there is such a product or program that will cost you very little money, little pain, little effort and little time, I will bet that it will be selling like Panadol, and with the least competitions. Why with the least competitions? Because it has been proven to be so effective and low cost that even if there is new product that is slightly better, why bother to change just for the 10 percents improvement?

So, if you really want to know how difficult it is to lose weight, even with the most effective program, go and watch the television program, “The Biggest Loser”, then you will know.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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19 Lesson 4– Supplement – part 5

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 15-05-2009

In my last 4 articles on the matters of supplement, all I have talked about is fish oil. So many of you guys reading will probably be thinking that one, I may be selling fish oil, or two, I must be selling fish oil. But I don’t, may be some day I will, because fish oil is so far the best supplement I have ever eaten and have shown significant benefits, for both my obese related and arthritis problems. But apart from fish oil, I am also taking these supplements.

Vitamin C.

This is a vitamin that I believed to be the most common and popular vitamin that most people will take, if they believe in consuming health supplements. Other than the importance of one consuming vitamins, it may also be because it is one of the lowest in cost vitamin. I won’t want to bore you with the benefits that vitamin C will give you, which you probably know most of it already, but I do want to point out something that I think is very important and many may not know, which is, about the amount that one should consume. The recommended daily amount by the FDA I think is about 50 to 100mg per day. But most nutritionists will tell you it is not enough. The RDA is based on western medicine practice; therefore the dose is set at a rate that as long you don’t get conditions like Scurvy, but not enough for other chronic conditions like constipation, dry skin or sinus. The recommended doses by nutritionists from most health products company can be 20 times higher than the RDA doses. That will come out to an amount of about 1000mg, which is 1gram. And if you listen to many western practices that you should consume vitamins fresh from fruits or vegetables, you will have to eat about 40 to 50 oranges a day. Ha, you will surely have enough vitamin C, but you will probably have a big stomach filled with air and fibre!

I am taking about 1000mg of vitamin C everyday, and believe me, I hardly get any flu. I used to have sinus attack and consistent flu attack due to my outdoor work, but my record from my family doctor show that I have much lesser attack since I have regularly taken vitamin C, in powder form. I will like to share with you why did I take such a high doses in the first place. It is actually not really related to weight loss, but for reason related to it. I am on a low carbo diet, which means I will try to avoid high carbo food like fruits and certain root vegetables, most of the time. I am quite sure that for those who are really doing the low carbo diet correctly, will not get enough vitamin C from their diet. I like to repeat this very important information, fruits are very high in carbo, yes, which mean if your body cannot burn sugar like I do, you will have to avoid fruits. So, although fruits are considered to be healthy foods, they do not blend in if you are following a low carbo diet. Of course there are some fruits which is low in carbo, but it seems like they are always the more expensive one like strawberry and a few other berry that are not common sold in our local Singapore market place. So, in order to get enough vitamin C and not having my stomach to bloat up after eating 50 oranges, I took the vitamin C in its, I think the most basic form, ascorbic acid, water-soluble, in powder form.


I am not talking about the MSM function in your mobile phone. Check this site out if you need more specify information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylsulfonylmethane

I am also taking this everyday not only due to its benefits, also for its low cost. Just like vitamin C, it is pretty low in cost and at a same time, has many benefits in terms of our bodies well being. The major one benefit is also not directly related to weight loss, but to reduce inflammations, just like fish oil. And as I said before, I believe some people gain weight due to some inflammation, may be in the blood. And also that a body with any inflammation of any kind, may slow down the bodies’ immune system and may very well affect the basal metabolism. In fact, I have read from a few articles mentioning that actually we human, when grow old, do not lose our mobility due to so call old age, instead is due to increase inflammation cells and body parts thus cause degenerating symptoms. This means that old age is reversible, or treatable. I am a strong believer in these theories too cause I am although already 40 years, felt a lot more younger and energetic when I was in my twenty something, all may due to the recent few years consumptions of all my supplements.

Flax seed oil

This oil that I am taking, has actually almost the same effect of fish oil. I can’t really compare if they are equivalent to fish oil, although I had heard that it may not, because I am consuming fish oil at the same time. The contents in it are also almost the same like fish oil, with omega 3 and it’s allied. The main reason why I am taking them is because of its lower cost. In the future, I may try to totally change to take this flax seed oil instead of fish oil, because I think that fish oil prices may be slowly increasing, due to the vast extinction of our earth’s sea animals.


For this supplement, it is also not related directly to weight loss but as I always like to say, weight gain may sometimes be caused by certain illnesses in the body. Ignoring these illnesses may weigh down your process of losing weight. In case you have not heard of this supplement and are thinking what kind of supplement is this, is it not exactly a supplement, in term of western medicine practise. It is the short form of: “Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Most Asian will know what is this, but for many in the western world, may not know or have access to this. For me, I consider it a supplement rather than a medicine, because, many people, including Asian, do not know that it should be taken long term, just like supplements. You see, when we talk about treating an illness, most of us will think of medicines like aspirin, cough syrup or antibiotics. All these medicines are usually prescribe for a few days, just like some TCM. However, TCM can be used on a long term basis for certain chronic illness like arthritis or hypertension. And when compared with western drugs with steroid content or not, has far more less side effects. These side effects caused by TCM may not even be really side effects, but are symptoms that the body is fighting with its enforced immune system against the diseases and are taking effect. Just like what a lot of natural treatments claim: “It gets worse before it gets better.” The things about TCM is it is not advisable to self medicate, even tough Chinese Physician store are in most neighbourhoods in Singapore, with those TCM you can buy off shelves. Those are mostly really mild, just like taking only 50mg of vitamin C when you should take 1000mg. I always go to those with a certified qualification. The medicines are prepared based on your body type, which is quite deep for most other than Asian to be understood. In simpler words, it very much depends if you body belongs to the hot or cold, wet or dry type, and all by the physicians looking at the tip of your tougue, and holding your pulse. And most of the time, it is a mixture of a few different medicine rather than just one single medicine. But I notice most of the Chinese physicals here in Singapore do not emphasise enough that it should be taken long term. May be they are worry the patients may be scared away by the long term commitment, and the high price they have to pay. I only took half of the doses prescribe by my physician since I have already spend about $200 a month on my other supplements. And this TCM will cost me another $100 if I took the full doses.

For many people nowadays, supplements have been an essential part of our life. And for all those people who are consuming supplements on a long terms basis like me, will know that all these supplements when add together, don’t come cheap. So, if any of you guys know where to buy the supplements that I am consuming, in cheaper prices and better qualities, please drop me a mail. And I also wish that there will be one day, I know enough people in Singapore who need to lose weight or control certain chronic illness with supplements, to buy these supplements in bulk or really in wholesales price, and save the 50 percents earning made by those MLM’s company. And if you are interested to join me to recruit such members, please do drop me a mail too! Thank you!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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