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29. Low carbo diet

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 30-07-2009

I have actually covered this topic in my number eighth article, but I think I should do more. This is partially because of my elder brother, Frankie, who has started trying out a low carbo diet, finally, after many years of arguing to me, how can anyone go without rice for a day. But he did it anyway, and to my surprise, he lost about 10 kgs, and his big belly, which seems to be carrying a 5 months baby. And to take note in case if you misunderstood, I was not surprise on the amount of weight that he is able to lose in less than 2 months, but that he was able to follow it pretty religiously, without much cheating, I suppose. I checked what he has been eating every few days, and was quite amazed that he might be doing a even greater job than me, in term of his diet and not cheating as much as I do. But as what I have mentioned before in my previous articles, he has all the while had a far better metabolism than me. I won’t be surprise that he will eventually be thinner then me, which he has been most part of our childhood life till our late twenties. The only worries is that he may soon be bored of the restricted food he can eat, when compared to the way he has been eating all these 43 years of his life. And trust me, he is the type who know great food, appreciate them, and knows how to find them. I think his main motivation to let him able to follow this diet, is naturally because his body, is giving him some unfavourable signals, which he knows very well that, if he still ignores them, they may be fatal. So, before he reaches his ideal weight, I hope he don’t be too cocky and forget and ignore these signals and symptoms, which led him to lose his first 10 kgs. And on my side, I will help him by giving him more food choices, before he get bore of the limited food type he is having now. I hope these informations will be helpful for my brother, and for all my friends and visitors reading my blog.

First of all, there are actually a long list of food that we can eat. They can be separated in four groups. High carbo, medium carbo, low carbo and no carbo. Simple right? But to me, only the no carbo food group is simple.

  • No carbo

They are mostly quite straightforward and easy to remember, unlike the rest with the low or high carbo, where there are many sayings. For example, when we talk about no carbo food group, there are actually only a few. Meat is one of them. Most meat has no carbo, with the few exception of some seafood like prawn and some shelf fish, and the way you cooked them. So, if you can eat like a caveman, which is eating raw meat, you probably won’t have the need to count carbo. For my brother Frankie, he is now probably eating mostly from this food group. One reason he is able to follow through so far is that according to him, the meat in USA is far cheaper than in Singapore. But I believe sooner or later he is going to get bore just eating meat, no matter how tasty they are. But, as long you don’t add too much ingredients with high carbo content, it is still the best food to eat when talking about no or low carbo diet. Unlike vegetables and fruit, there are high and low carbo type, which may need more time to remember and know them. Meat is a lot easier in this sense, pork, beef, mutton, fish, duck and chicken, whatever kind of breed they are. However, processed meat is different. Like example, chicken popcorn, ham, or sausage. Don’t get confuse when talk about meat in can or processed with just plain meat, they are very different. Just remember, cavemen don’t eat ham and sausage! And definitely not with tomato sauce.

To be continue…………..

(Will try to get more organise before I come back, I will try to put it in a table)

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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28. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – Part 9

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 09-07-2009

Have you ever asked yourself?

8. Why do I still see so many overweight persons in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and health stores? Why aren’t they worried about their own weight and health after meeting so many overweight and ill people everyday?

This is my biggest question at all times. When I was staying in my old place in Chai Chee, our first so-called family doctor was a fat middle-aged man! I was about like 10 to 12 years old at that time, it never occur to me that there were any problem with that doctor. He was a nice doctor, always saying nice things, friendly and easy going on giving sick leave, and I think most importantly, for my mum, he charges at a lower fee than most clinics nearby. We sticked to see him for a while until something happened. I think he contracted some illnesses till he had to stop his practise. It could have been a rumour, but after many years later, when I think about the way he looked, I was not surprised if that was really the reason why he stopped his practise. He was really overweight!

After so many years in battling my own weight problems, I have become very sensitive when comes to be given opinions or buying of any weight loss products from whoever or wherever. The first thing that I will look out for is that, is the person who is trying to sell me something or giving me advises on weight loss matters, to be a fat person himself or not, or at least became less fatter than before. Since I have personally have experiences in losing 20 kgs before, I normally don’t take advises from people who only experience losing 5 kgs. To me, their advise can only be used as reference, and if I do find the advises to be logically and made sense to me, I will further seek the information from other resources, which do not have any conflict in interests. The same theory applies to me in health matter as well. I hope I don’t sound cocky that it seems that I know everything; it is that I have been so many times felt disappointed with so many junks and false theories fed to me, sometimes with a high price. However, I am not saying that it is wrong to give advise on something that you do not have a PHD certificate to support. Please give advise out of a good will, but not because you want to sell the person something or just want him to think that you are a smarter person that him. To me, people who are really in the health care industries, like doctors and nurses, especially those in the government’s hospitals, are the persons who really give advises out of good will. They are paid salary from the hospitals itself, and will not get any extra commission for giving advises, but they still give anyway, out of the extra knowledge they gained from their everyday life and work. But, why do I still see so many overweight persons in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and health stores? Why aren’t they worried about their own weight and health after meeting so many overweight and ill people everyday? And with the extra knowledge they gained from their everyday life and work, as compared to us lay man, shouldn’t they be overall healthier and slimmer? This is what I think.

There is a great different between knowing what to do best, and knowing how to do it. Get what I am saying? Everyone, especially doctors and nurses, know that it is important to stay slim and fit, to prevent some of the illnesses which may be led by a unhealthy and obese body. So, all of us know it is better and actually important to stay slim and thin. This is especially true with doctors and nurses. But the question is, yes, you are fat now and you know it is important to be slim, but do you know how to become slim and thin or not? I am afraid many of them do not know. Yes, these are the group of people who know how to make people from being ill to being healthy, but, with the help of drugs. But when it comes to weight loss, it is an entirely different ball game. They know very well the side effects of drugs, so I think unless they are out of options; they will try not to use them. They will definitely try their best to lose their extra weight with healthier options, example, by eating more of a vegetarian diet. Every nurse knows that kind of diet right? They definitely do, and they probably preached about it. But guess what, how come there are still so many fat nurses?

So my conclusion is, a low fat, low calories diet, may not work for every one. Different people have to use diet suits to their own body, and that is a big and deep topic!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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27. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – Part 8

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 07-07-2009

Have you ever asked yourself?

8. Why did Jacelyn Tay host a show or wrote a book to teach people how to lose weight? Was she ever fat? And why was there a report that she fainted because she skipped her meal? And did she lose her weight because she did what she wrote in her book, skipped meals or because she went to Jean Yip?

Sorry I have to say again and again that I raised this question also quite sometime back. But coincidentally, there was a talk show featuring Jacelyn Tay as a guest and they mentioned that she is currently in the business in health care and weight loss. So, this actually answered to part of my question why she came out with a book a few years back, teaching people how to lose weight. No doubt she is definitely a better person to do this business, if compared to me. Who will want to pay someone who is still overweight for a weight loss session? Although I have experience in losing a considerably great amount of weight, I think about 20 kgs, but, at the moment, I am still about 10 kgs overweight. And who will want to pay me to learn weight loss lesson from me? Especially if you may be only 5 kgs overweight. But, my big question is, has she ever been overweight? 2 to 3 kgs, may be. And during her teenage years, with some baby fats, may be. But so overweight that she can write a book about it, I really wonder. To me, her writing such a book is like someone writing a book on cancer while he or she is neither a doctor, nor a cancer cells carrier. If someone who’s mother or father got cancer and wrote a book about cancer, will you be convinced? I will definitely have awful lots of doubts, because the feeling is not the same, not even when you are a doctor who treats cancer. Yes, you may say that you are a doctor who faces cancer patients every day and can feel their pain, but will you fully feel it? Will you feel the fear? Will you lose your appetite and start to hate everyone around you? No right? The feeling can’t be the same. Doctors, are trained to be not so emotional when come to facing the matter of death, and although yes, they are still human and probably still feel sad if their patients died, but that will probably just for a few days. I once heard a story that there was this very optimistic guy who had a gun shot from a robbery, just before getting the anaesthesia, told the surgeons if they can operate him as if he is alive. Can you get what he meant? Ever watch on TV while operating, the surgeons will be so cool, or cold, that to them it is just like fixing a car, so even if the operations failed and the patients dies, the doctor will just shake his head and tell the family members: “ we have tried our best.” The scene not shown on TV is that after that, he probably quickly goes to the canteen to have his lunch. Okay, I know I am digressing; I am just trying to elaborate and compare the feeling of a fat person talking about weight loss versus a never been fat person. How can be the same?

Firstly, for Jacelyn, I wonder if she has ever been fat? Secondly, I read a partial of her book in Popular Book Store, and I think her way of dieting is the low calorie, low carbo and low every thing diet. And yes, I agree you will probably lose some weight if you follow through her book, this is provided you can stand the hunger. Low calorie, low everything, sure to lose weight if you can endure, at least until your metabolism is sabotage. And not to mention that there was once a report not too long after she came out with her weight loss book, that she fainted because she was too hungry. Pardon me if I am too harsh, but I think that’s a diet for catwalk models. And I like to say; she is successful in that having really a model’s figure. I saw her in person before, and she is really, really thin. She is so thin that on first look, she is like anorexic. And another amusing thing to me is, that she endorsed for Jean Yip. If you think carefully, it is not very convincing right? But, commercials are meant to be like that.

Again, I hope I am not sounding like I am condemning all these weight loss centres, after all, apart from overstating the results; it is still go to have all these centres. It is a good head start for many people who want to lose weight and don’t know where to start or what to do. To me, there is not whether if it is the right method or wrong method, it is if you can follow it for a long term till you reach your idea weight. For Jacelyn, with the 2 to 3 kgs “weight” to lose, and compare to me, with 20 kgs lost and another 10 more to go, the price paid in these centres are definitely not going to be the same!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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