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30. Warning on low carbo, low calories diets, or any other diets!

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 20-08-2009

I was in the library yesterday looking for newer books with newer information, and then I saw this book on improving your metabolism. The author some how condemn most diet and warned that, most people after trying these fad diet, or crash diet or whatever other kind of new names they come up with, will gain back more than they have lost because these diet will slow down your metabolism. She did agree that these diets can be effective but won’t give you a long-term effect. She says the best way to lose weight and maintain weight permanently is to follow her diet, which is to improve your metabolism. I agreed with what she mentioned, about if you start a diet, lose weight, and then go back to your old way of eating, you will probably gain more back then what you have lost. But here comes my question. If I follow her diet, the metabolism booster one, and lose some weight, and then go back to my old way of eating, will I gain more back then what I have lost?

The message I am trying to convey here is simple, sad truth, but simple. Yes, I think all forms of diet; will make you gain more weight once you stopped them. So, does it mean that all diet will slow down your metabolism? This is what I think.

I think whether if it does or not is not the main concern. The main concern is if the diet work for you or not, good or not so good. I say not so good because there are some ways of dieting that is really health damaging, those that can kill or totally ruined your health within days or weeks after following them. Those diets like the one that let you eat once a day, or fruits diet that will almost straight away cost you a hole in your stomach. The not so good ones are the types that may lead to a slower metabolism, or those that makes you fart too much, or may slowing spoilt your kidney in twenty years. The spoiling of the kidney ones, may be the low carbo diet. Although I used a low carbo diet and preached about it, I do not deny that I believe it may cause some harm to the kidney in a long run. But I also do believe it is very subjective and things can be done to prevent it as well. Confused with my theory? Let me put in this way and see if it makes more sense to you. You are 40 years old and are 20 kgs over weight, you follow a very low carbo diet that overwork you kidney and if you continue this diet for 20 years, your kidney may need dialysis when you reach 60 years old. But if you don’t have any other diet that can help you to lose the 20 kgs, you may not live till you are 60 years old. Yes, instead of dying through intoxication with a failed kidney, you will probably continue to gain more weight and die of heart attack, strokes or asthma, before you reach age 60. So, even with a gamble with a failed kidney, it is still worth it. This is why I said it is very subjective. And after you have lost the 20 kgs, you shouldn’t just sit there doing nothing and wait for the time your kidneys failed. You should maintain your weight through exercise, and thus lower the low carbo diet to a more balance diet, which make deter the onset of a failed kidney. You will ask, you mean I have to exercise?  Yes, if you are 20 kgs overweight, I won’t really encourage you to exercise since there may be risks that you will injure your joints, muscles or organs. But if you are at your idea weight, what are your excuses?

And my conclusion on the argument on the part where she mentioned, about if you start a diet, lose weight, and then go back to your old way of eating, you will probably gain more back then what you have lost. First, the reason why anyone wants or needs to start a diet are mostly due to signals send to the body. If you are getting fatter and fatter and insist that you won’t change the way you live your life, and still want to become thinner, you are just like a person who is poor and yet refused to work for others on a minimum wage. And it is the same theory, the poor man may eventually humble himself to work and earn some food money, but once he regains his pride and decides that he works for no one, he will be so poor again that he got no money to buy food, just like the dieter who stop the diet that help him lose weight. So, whether if you are the poor man or fat man, you will just have to keep working, on a job or on a diet.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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