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My weight table

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 08-10-2009

Day Mth / Yr Weight
30 Sep 2009 92.9 kgs
1 Oct 2009 93.2 kgs
2 Oct 2009 92.9 kgs
3 Oct 2009 93.1 kgs
6 Oct 2009 93.8 kgs
7 Oct 2009 94.2 kgs
8 Oct 2009 94.0 kgs

Targeted weight by 30th June 2010 = 85 kgs.

Still waiting to finish off my last 2 pieces of delicious moon cake. Just in line with the time my mum in law is going back to her home town. this second mum of mine actually cooks very delicious meal who may be a slight hinder to my diet. So, her leaving to me is sort of a mixed feeling of good and bad. So, let’s see if i will come out with any new excuses if my weight don’t go down by next week.

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31. The importance of knowing why you are putting on more weight.

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 06-10-2009

I have not been writing for a while and this is my excuse. I had an operation for an abscess grown on my back. Though it is a minor surgery, it is actually affecting a lot on my health, and weight too. I have become 3 to 4 kgs heavier after my surgery. Strange right? How can an operation cause weight gain instead of weight loss? Especially on some one who blogs about weight loss, this a joke right? Well, I have a very good excuse. It is because I haven’t been following my diet, right after the surgery.

As a Chinese, we have many taboos when talk about one having an operation. There were many foods that we were not allowed to eat. The few foods that I was allowed were pork, vegetables and deep-sea fish. Deep-sea fish does not include most seafood like prawn, crab, squid and many, many others. I wasn’t allowed to eat most of my hunger control snacks like cuttlefish and all sorts of nut. Worst of all, for the first month, I wasn’t even allowed to eat roasted pork and char siew as my mum feared that there might be certain unfavorable condiment added to cook them. So, all these taboos greatly compromise my low carbo diet. I wasn’t getting enough food choices. I was left with food like porridge, rice, bread, wheat, oat and many sugary foods that were considered non-toxic to the body. The only few food that was of low carbo were lean pork, salmon and green vegetables. I had salmon for 2 straight months, almost on a daily basis. Can you imagine how bore was my food choices? This was bad for my low carbo diet. I got almost nothing to snack on, so I end up drinking cereal and eating biscuits to quench my hunger. To make matter worse, I couldn’t exercise. Although all the while I have mentioned and preached that exercises alone will not make you thinner, but it still has a very important element in terms of weight control. The lack of exercises increases my stress level. I know this is very difficult for some to understand, probably only those who exercise regularly will.

So, enough of my excuses for gaining the 3-4 kgs. I am going back on my track again. I have started my first two sessions of basketball, and am feeling a lot better in terms of managing my stress level. I have not got back to my proper low carbo diet, partly due to the moon cake festival, but since it is over, I will get there pretty soon.

During the few gatherings I had on these three months, I remember of one theory I had. That is, “The importance of knowing why you are putting on more weight”. There were a few relatives and friends who noticed my weight gain, and mentioned it to me, I was glad. Because it was a reminder that I need to do something, and because all the while I have been pretty successful in control my weight, they were not quite surprised with my confidence when I mentioned that I will just need another 3 to 4 months to get back down 3 to 4 kgs. At the same time, there were also a few relatives and friends who put on some weight, but as I see the difference between them and me, is that they were quite unsure why they had put on the weight. I think they probably don’t know what to do next, but can only sit down and wait and see. For me, I know and had a good explanation why I have put on weight. So the next thing I need to do, is to get back on the usual track. I may fall off the track again, which is not uncommon, but the important thing is that I must try to get back on the track every time I fall off. After all these many years of weight managing, the one important gain is that I know where is my track. But I think many of you may not know and have not found your track.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed way in how you can find your track. As I mentioned many times, different people put on weight for different reasons. What I can suggest is, to copy what experts do. To do this, you probably have to read many different books, but I will suggest that you start with the low carbo diet, since it is where I found my track.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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