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9. The 5 things you should do before you start to go on an exercise regime – part 1

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 21-02-2009

21th feb 2009

Previously, I mentioned about the 5 things to get you ready, if you want to exercise to lose some weight.

1. Lose 3 to 5 kgs

You will scold me and tell me, if I can lose 3-5ks in the first place, why will I need to exercise in the first place! This is what I think, yes, I don’t think you will need to exercise to lose the first few kgs. The first few kgs is easier to lose, through diet. It is also safer, especially to your joints, if you diet to lose weight.
In fact, I don’t think a person should not exercise at all before he or she is able to follow a diet that makes them lose weight on a steady basis, for me, namely, the low carbo. The first kgs you lose although is just probably water, but it is still weight. You will definitely feel lighter, and should have more energy, if you lose these few kgs. But don’t think that with these few kgs lost, your exercise regime will be easy. It will be easier, but definitely not easy. If fact, it is very hard.

If you think that you can just use exercise alone to lose weight, these are the few things you should take note. Exercise makes you hungry. You will end up eating more than usual. And do you know if the exercise you are talking about is a 20 minutes walk in a park, the energy that you expensed can be easily be replenished with 2 pieces of biscuit. Yeah, you heard me right. Don’t believe me, go to the internet and search on information on the amount of energy or calories you will be burnt for different physical activity. And instead of eating biscuits after you walk, if you go and eat a plate of chicken rice with ice kacang to cool you down, ha ha, you are in trouble!

So you tell me, go jogging or swimming instead lah. Or may be play soccer or basketball, because it shouldn’t be a problem because you used to do all these in school. This I won’t argue, if you are only in your early twenties. But let’s say the last time you do all this, is like, 2 to 3 years ago, you better think twice before you really do it. You may get injure! Or at least shock! Shock at what? You may ask. Shock at how weak you have become, or how bad your stamina has become, or how clumsy you have become! Think about it. If you go for the least tough sport of all the above mentioned, swimming, how many laps do you think you can swim? Especially now that you are 10 more kgs heavier than you used to be at the time you were doing those sports actively. As for soccer and basketball, just switch off your pc now, wear your sneakers, go downstair, find the nearest empty space that allow you to run non stop for 1 minute. Stop then come back to my blog again, and tell me how you feel. Just thinking of it alone makes you sweat right? Ha ha! I tell you, the actual thing is worse, I mean the soccer and the basketball. There will be more running than your 1 minute trial run. You will suffer at least for 3 to 5 days if you try to be play like the school boys that you joined. You will have pain and ache all over your body, and become worst on the next day. Deep inside, I believe you will understand and already know the logics, I just reminded you. Not that you don’t know, is that you want to be positive, probably because of this positivity that makes you want to lose some weight. It is a good thought, but most of the time in life, life don’t work that way. Life is full of obstacles. You may still want to go ahead, thinking that you are you, I am I, different person different standards mah. That I won’t argue. But just a bit of extra advice before you really go ahead. Make sure the few days after the exercise date that you have planned; you do not have any important meetings or works to attend to, because you may need some medical leaves.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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