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10 The 5 things you should do before you start to go on an exercise regime – part 2

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 25-02-2009

Previously, I mentioned about the 5 things to get you ready, if you want to exercise to lose some weight.

2. Train your stamina with breathing exercise.

Are we talking about Tai Ji or Qi Gong here? Not exactly, but close. This is an exercise that I learn from a book about losing weight by improving your metabolism. It is written by a breathing coach, I think from America. From the way she wrote it, I inferred that this is probably some lazy woman, who probably modified the yoga that she learnt, to something simpler so that she can write a book about it, and makes some money. Why I feel this way is because there are more on testimonials in the book than the actual breathing exercises. When compared with those books talking about the more authentic qi gong or yoga, that gives me a headache after reading them, the methods were so much easier. I read the book a few times, and can see that the few breathing methods are actually quite the same. So, me being a lazier man than the author of the book, further modified from a book to just a page, smart right? Yes, I am lazy, but I am smart, ha ha! But before you start, I must warn you, although it looks simple, you may feel giddy after practising it. But don’t worry; this is probably because you have not been feeding enough oxygen to your brain all this time, which is also the purpose of this exercise. Just stop when you are feeling giddy, and continue after a few hours break. In case I forget to mention later, this will be the exact feeling you will feel after you do any real physical exercise like swimming and jogging. For beginners, you will probably feel hungry after it too, as I said, same feeling you get after you have exercise. All these are good after effects from breathing exercise as it feeds oxygen to you body thus burn calories. So, here it goes.

Warm up

  • Using your nose, breathe in as much as you can, till the air fills up your belly.
  • Breathe in slowly in the beginning, but harder when you are about to stop.
  • Shape your lips as if you are whistling, then slowly exhale through your mouth.
  • When you feel that the air is almost out, blow 3 times with force.
  • Repeat till you feel more comfortable then go to the next step.

After warming up

  • Using your nose, breathe in as much as you can, till the air fills up your belly.
  • Breathe in slowly in the beginning, but harder when you are about to stop.
  • Hold it there for as long as you can
  • Shape your lips as if you are whistling, then slowly exhale through your month.
  • When you feel that your air is almost out, blow 3 times with force.
  • Hold it there as long as you can.
  • Repeat as often as you can remember, while you are reading, watching television, in a bus, waiting for someone, as long the air around you is clean.

So how? It is simple right? I have been doing this simple breathing exercise I think since 2005. There are many good effects that I feel. I sleep better, can concentrate better, feeling fuller most of the time ( although I mentioned earlier that you will feel hungry after the breathing exercise, somehow my stomach feels that I have just eaten, kind of a mixed feeling, which I do not know how to express to you. To anyone reading this and has this same feeling, please drop me an email so that I know that I am not the only freak that feels that way). I used to feel hungry almost the whole day, even when I had just eaten, strange right? But because of this exercise the hungry feeling throughout the day became shorter and shorter. Apart from that, there is one more effect that I felt, that is being more energetic. I have better stamina for my badminton and basketball. I even went to try to jog, the exercise that I hated the most, to test my energy, and proven that I can run more than before. (But despite that, jogging is still my most hated exercise.) Sometimes I wonder if I go and learn the actual tai ji or qi gong, will I become superman, ha ha! Now I go swimming (the second most hated exercise) every Saturday because my son is having his swimming lesson, I can swim 20 laps without feeling burnt out. I think I can go even further like 50 laps, but I feel its too monotonous for me, as 20 laps already took me almost an hour!
So, if are reading this now, and will like to try this exercise, just go to your favourite bed, lie down, and starts breathing. For beginners, I think it is good to lie down in case you feel giddy. But don’t worry; it may not be as intense as I have put it. Just stop if that feeling does come.
Although this breathing exercise is so easy to follow, I will bet that not all the persons reading now will do it! Or at least not follow on along term basis. Not because you don’t believe it, but because you are too lazy or “busy”. You can spend 2 hours a day watching television, but yet you won’t do this exercise. This actually happened to me when I just started. Can you believe it or not? I am so lazy that I don’t even bother to breathe properly despite believing and knowing it is good for me. Breathing supposes to be the most important thing we should do every few seconds to keep us alive and yet I didn’t bother to do it every day. I keep on falling off the track a couple of times over the years, but now, I manage to do it almost everyday. That is why I suggest before you begin any other exercise like badminton, basketball or soccer, you should start with some breathing exercises, because if you can’t even discipline yourself to do breathing exercise, don’t bother to try to do the rest of the exercise I mentioned, before you buy the $120 Yonnex racket, or the $88 Nike basketball, or the $199 Adidas boots. Saved your money!
So, to all who is reading this article and is ready to practise this breathing exercise, just take note that losing weight is always not easy as many experts say, from the diet to exercise, or even breathing, you may fall off the wagon once in a awhile, just remember to take a break and continue your route. And do you know what the best part about this breathing exercise is? It is free and comes with endless supplies!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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