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13. The 5 things you should do before you start to go on an exercise regime – part 5

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 01-04-2009

Previously, I mentioned about the 5 things to get you ready, if you want to exercise to lose some weight.

5. Get a friend who is willing to play a sport with you but will not grumble because you are slow.

It is a strange requirement, right? Not only it is strange, it is tough at the same time! First of all, when we talk about exercising to lose weight, the first exercise that comes into our mind would be jogging, swimming, probably follow by working out in the gym. Jogging and swimming are still ok if you want to do them alone by yourself, but, how long can you last? What I am trying to say is, exercises like jogging and swimming are really very boring and monotonous activities. They are so boring that while I am doing it, I felt very stressful. Imagine getting up 5am in the morning, getting change, and travelling to the nearest park, then jog for 20 minutes, then go back home, all alone, with no one to grumble to. And not to forget the feeling of pain, fatigue and self pitying, all kind of adverse feeling one get from self torturing, all alone. And to get someone who is of your same standard and speed, in terms of physical activities, to do the workouts with you, is even tougher. Who will want to jog with someone who is 2 times slower than them? Will you want to jog with your 80 years old grandmother? I personally as a slow person won’t want to. I don’t even want to swim or play badminton with my own son, Brandon, who I love dearly, because of his elementary level in sports. So, what makes you think you can find a friend to accompany you with your stressful moments during your weight loss exercise?

I was very fortunate that I didn’t have to go through the hard way of exercising, namely the jogging and swimming one, for long. Same like every one else, I had many times planned, and a few times, on a new year, to start some regular exercise like jogging and swimming. There was even one time, on a new years eve or the day itself, pledging to keep it until I have attained my idea weight. But most of the time, it didn’t last long, as I can remember, never more than a month. It was just too sad, to torture yourself, mostly at a time when everyone else is resting, either in the early morning, or in the evening where sometimes you can even hear the TV shows. I asked myself on a few occasions, what I am doing?

It was only until 1994, that I found an exercise that is less torturing. It was badminton. I really enjoy it, although it was something entirely new to me, and I was very clumsy at first, but yet I enjoy. There was actually one very important factor, that I was enjoying it. Not because it is a sport that everyone will enjoy, but was because of the people that I played with. Take note! This is very important; it is not what you are playing, but who you are playing with! And yes, this is a very, very important factor! At that time, I was playing with my colleagues, from a company named Sunderland, some were very good, and also a few rookies like me. So, to make the game more fun, we will mostly paired up 1 good player, with a rookie, and that would be sometimes, me. Win or lose, it normally doesn’t matter, it was only after a few months later, that we place some side bets, to make it even more challenging, like push up or sit up, or may be a drink. But I only saw the bright and happy side of this exercise, not the dark side yet. Ha ha, it is not so scary lah, I just phrased it this way to make spicier. I really need to repeat this before I go on; it is not what you are playing, but who you are playing with! In about 1999, after I moved from Chai Chee to Bukit Panjang, that was after I left my Sunderland, where I stopped playing badminton for about 2 years. I met with my old friend from my National Service, Robin, who also moved to Bukit Panjang, who had joined me before with my colleagues in Sunderland. We fixed a time to play badminton at CCK sport hall. After a few sessions, our group grew bigger, as Robin, a very sociable guy, when around getting people to join us. But as the group got bigger, there were some unhappy incidents. What happened? Some of the guys that we played with, were pretty serious in the games. Some, out of good will, or just plain cocky, began to coach us, the weaker players. No doubt they were a lot better than us, but we just can’t stand the way we were coached. It’s seem like every move that we have made, were all wrong. There were a few times, one of the idiots, wanted to walk out half way through the games as I was simply too clumsy and making all the wrong moves when teaming up with him. It was all my fault! That was the way he expressed it! I kept my cool because I still enjoyed the game sometimes, and really value the side effects of this game, the weight loss and feel good side effects. It was only after a few years, where this bad moments became lesser and lesser, I think because I became better and better in this game. My friend Robin stopped playing after awhile, because he just can’t stand playing with some of the cocky guys, and also to point out, he wasn’t as fat as I was (Sorry Robin, don’t mean to tell the whole world that you are fat), so, wasn’t as motivated as I was. I have played badminton from 2000 to about 2007, after I moved to Bukit Panjang where I stopped due to work commitment.

Another sport that I played was with my primary cum secondary school mate, Ah Fook, basketball. This is in all a less stressful sport, in my point of view, when compared with badminton. Why? Because you can be lousy, but gets less coaching. There is no time for that. Unlike badminton, normally we don’t stopped and coached poorer players. How we penalised poorer players, were just not to pass to them, and made them played defence. It’s more of a team work game, where the weak can also play; you just need to pass the ball to the better players. But of course if you are too weak, you won’t get to enjoy the game as much. Will you want to play in the game and not score? Especially in a game with such a high score rate. Unless you are like Dennis Rodman, who gets pay millions just by playing defence.

So, to sum up what I am trying to tell, is that getting an exercise partner is not so easy, despite that I feel it is a very important “tools” if you are exercising to lose weight. You may have the right friend but staying too far, or may have a friend staying near by but don’t play your kind of sport. Or may be the standard of your friend is too high for you. But don’t give up so easily. Finding such a friend may be tough, but I really think it is necessary. I probably won’t be playing basketball for 6 to 7 years if not because of my best friend Ah Fook, and before I forget to mention, he stays in the east, and have to travel 20 or more minutes to join me, not forgetting the same journey back home. For this, I salute and thank him very much, although he didn’t do this for me. And lastly, just need to add a piece of my thought, sometimes I feel that getting an exercise partner, is even more difficult than getting a lover!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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