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Digestion tea for constipation and weight loss

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15. Lesson – Supplements – part 1

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 20-04-2009

Finally! I have come to this part of my blog to sell something that all of you guys are waiting for, and therefore make some money, if not, who is so free to write a blog and not make money, right? What I am going to sell you is so good that it will shock you and I believe you will immediately come to Singapore to buy it from me. If you are at the other corner of the world, say, United States of America, just take a plane down here and I promised you that you will not regret buying it after reading what I got to sell. It is a pill. All you need to do is to take one, not more than one, if you take more than one and become too thin, don’t blame me. You will see your weight melting away in 4 weeks and you will never need to take another pill again. No need for back breaking exercise, no diet and no money needed to be spent any more in this life of yours on weight loss, never again! In fact, it is so good that I have named it “The super effective one time and forever stay thin pill” TM. And do you know what the best part is? It is only selling at Singapore dollar at $199.90.

But, there is one condition that you will need to meet, you will need to wait, wait long long, for about 20 years after I have fine tuned the product. I will just take order now and please be reminded; it is on a first come first serve basis!

Get it? Ha ha! Still pondering what is all these nonsense about right? You see, the product that I have mentioned is the dream product that everyone is looking for, fat and thin, sick or healthy. It is the “take one time and forever stay thin, or young, or healthy, or beautiful pill”. With the high technology nowadays and the vast research in improving our health, many believe that such a pill will eventually be materialized. But, I think not. Such an elixir may not exist even until Armageddon, this is what I think. Why do I think like that, when even cancer, aids can be controlled, why not obesity? If you say controlled, I agree that it can be done, but not just by taking one or two bottles of miracle drug or vitamins, let alone one pill. You see, cancer can be controlled, but with proper care in the patient’s diet and long term used of medication. The same goes to weight control, it can be controlled, with a long term battle, or should I say, a permanent battle, with diet, exercise and even supplements. There is no short cut. You cannot be eating all you want and still stay thin unless you are genetically born to do that. This is also why I have always believe that you need these two elements in terms of losing weight healthily. The same goes to control of other ailments. They are time and money! Time for the exercise, and money for the diet and supplements, especially if you are on a low carbo diet. The topics on the importance on supplements on weight loss, will be so long that I can write a book about them, so I am just going to share with you what I am taking and what are the benefits.

  • Fish oil
  • Vitamin C

Fish oil – I have taken many weight loss products like fat burner, appetite suppresser or metabolism increaser, but all of them out together, cannot be compared to the fish oil that I am taking now. It is not that fat burner don’t work, they do work, although very slowly, but still definitely better and important compared to not take any supplements at all. And there is the cost factor as well. Most weight loss products do not work alone, not that fish oil does, but in terms of cost and the need to swallow too many pills, I still grade fish oil the better product. If you read the instructions on weight loss products like fat burner, I think quite often they will write in small print that it works well with appetite suppresser or metabolism increaser, and don’t be surprised that they are all from the same company. Good strategy right? But this is how they are supposed to work, I think because either the ingredients in these three products can’t be blended together for too long, or it will be too expensive to put all the three ingredients together and thus cause a bad strategy in terms of the marketing point of view. But in actual fact, they are supposed to work together, leaving out one may cause weight gain rather than weight loss. This is what I think.

Fat burner and metabolism increaser cause you to be hungry. Most of them somehow will even bring up your body temperature, or feels like it does. You will feel not only more hungry than usual, but also feel warm. Many years ago when I took them, with a friend’s recommendation, I not only felt hungry and warm, but felt depress as well. I think because the fat burner burnt so well that I was feeling hungry the whole day, therefore led to the depression. My friend felt the same way, but he was able to persist. But later he couldn’t take the hunger any more and then he took the appetite suppresser. I followed along, but really felt that in long run, it is too expensive. I stopped after three to four bottles, of each, because I was losing really too little for that kind of cost. I lost about one to two kgs. But, come to think of it, if there were no panicky hunger pant, I may have continued longer, despite the cost. The hunger pant was really unbearable. In fact, the hunger even persisted even after I stopped the supplements. I think the metabolism increaser may have excited my gastric juice quite a bit, leading to my panicking hunger pant. And after not long, I put on some weight because was feeling hungrier than before. Okay, my purpose here is not to condemn fat burner and its allied products, they may be better fat burner than the ones I took, that may not cause panicking hunger pant, but my logics tell me most of them will cause, because this is what it does, burn fat and increase your metabolism. so, if you have better discipline and a stronger will power than mine, go ahead and try them, but as for me, I will stick to eating fish oil, for the following reasons.

Fish oil was largely used during the 18th or 19th century in Europe (pardon the great difference in the date, I read it in a book but forgotten the actual period and am too lazy to find it. Ha, no wonder I am fat most of my life right? So lazy.), not for weight loss, but for an arthritis epidemic during that time. Anyone here taken Scott cod liver fish oil before? The bottle has a man lifting a huge fish which is half his size, and it tastes like stale fish. It tastes like stale fish, because in fact, it is extract from stale fish. Okay lah, not exactly stale fish lah, but still pretty fishy. Why? Because it is extract of cod fish liver. Fish itself is pretty fishy already and let alone its liver. But for those who know or try this brand of cod liver oil after 1990, may be wondering what the hell I am talking about. Well, the taste for the fish oil was somehow improved by adding lime or orange to cover the foul smell. So, unless you have bought the classic one, it now tastes a lot better. But wait, don’t stopped reading now and go and buy the fish oil, I am not finished yet, and I better tell you now incase you stopped half way through reading this article and go tell everyone that Horse Chicken Dragon said that Scott fish oil will help you lose weight. It doesn’t, especially those that have the added flavour. In fact, it may cause you to gain weight. You will think now, what the hell I am talking now, first fish oil is a supplement that helps to lose weight, then, and fish oil will make it gain weight. Okay, please cool down now, take a few good deep breaths as what is taught in blog number 3, and read on. Not all fish oil supplements are manufactured the same. There is some superior grade fish oil, as well as inferior grade fish oil. And not that the Scott fish oil is inferior, but the added flavour, which is sugar. You see, fish oil supplements are manufactured for two major different purposes, one for arthritis, and one for weight loss. The rest of the purposes are not important to me yet, that’s why I didn’t read much about it. As the Scott fish oil, it was meant for deterring arthritis or some other health benefits, but not for weight loss. There is too much sugar, despite its goodness for your health, it will probably not help in losing weight, especially if you can’t digest sugar well, like me.

I first come to know of fish oil, not because of losing weight, but for my chronic illness, Ankylosing Spondylities, a kind of bone growing arthritis. I had this illness since I was 16 years old, but had its pain quite under control all the while. It has flared up quite frequently, especially on hot or cold weather, but I was still able to lead quite a normal life. My neighbour was the one who recommended fish oil supplements to me. But before he sold me anything, he borrowed me a book on fish oil, which is Omega Zone, by Dr Barry Sear. I am a person who is willing to try anything, so, I read the book first. And the content of this book was pretty much like Atkins Diet, the main difference is the large doses of fish oil recommended. Obviously, this doctor sells fish oil, no doubt about it, but the details given in his book is very convincing, and although till today I still feel that he is a copy cat to the Atkins Diet. The high doses recommended was, I think probably 10 to 20 times higher than the RDA. But its purpose stated was to heal, not just for supplement, for certain illnesses like arthritis and diabetes. His theory on weight loss was that, some people gain weight, because of some kind of inflammation, in the blood or something. And the great thing is, it can be tested by a blood test. I did that test after following what he taught in his book. It works! This page is getting too long, I will continue in my next blog on this fish oil topic.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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