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Digestion tea for constipation and weight loss

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16. Lesson – Supplements – part 2

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 21-04-2009

In my last article, I mentioned about the Omega Zone by Dr Barry Sear and how I followed his book and went for a blood test. The blood test turned out not too bad. Because of my arthritis, I was on pain killer since diagnosed, about when I was 20 years old. I will have to visit my specialist at Alexandra Hospital every 4 months, unless there is any sudden serious flared up. My flare up became less frequent after I started following a low carbo diet, something that my doctor didn’t agree to. She is a non believer in health supplements and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and will frown every time I suggest to her that my improvement was due to my change in my diet and consuming all these supplements. My health was the worst, I think at about year 2000, when I was at 110 kgs, and was on the pain killer, high blood and high cholesterol medication, as according to my doctor, at the maximum doses, and I have to stress that all these, was just before I seriously followed a low carbo diet. But although the low carbo diet did help a lot in reducing my pain and weight, there are still occasional flare up and also stiff body joints. Other then the low carbo diet, I was also already taking TCM and supplements like vitamin c, and some multivitamins and minerals. But, I could still feel some aches and stiffness, especially when playing badminton and basketball. Being a not so negative person, I was still glad, at least I was still able to exercise, not too bad for a guy with arthritis and used to be 20 kgs heavier.

It was only when one of my neighbour, cum now, a very close friend, Johnny, had a new baby, Joey. So, during the new born celebration, another neighbour of ours, Arthur, was with me chatting on health matters. Its turned out that both of us were health conscious freaks and when I mentioned about my arthritis, high blood and high cholesterol, all the chronic illnesses that most western doctors say cannot be cured, he told me that his mother-in law has successfully withdrawn her high blood medication. It was a very good news to me as I have read so many articles that high blood pressure can be cured, but not one time met anyone who has successfully done it. For you info, as according to western medicine, once you are on high blood medication, there is no turning back, meaning, you cannot stopped it once you are on it, not even if you blood pressure readings become normal. Don’t believe me, go and ask your doctor. Same goes to high cholesterol medications. Just to share a bit of scary information on high blood medications, on how it works. I have all the while thought that high blood medications will thinner your blood, so that it flows more smoothly thus improving your high blood readings, but boy was I wrong. This is what one of the very beautiful pharmacist in Alexandra Hospital told me (if she weren’t that pretty, I may not have taken 5 minutes of my precious time to listen to her. Ha ha, just joking lah, to me, all the ladies in white are angels in my eyes). She told me that in order to let my blood flows slower, the high blood medication actually SLOWS DOWN THE RATES MY HEART IS PUMPING! How? Isn’t this scary?

So back to my neighbour. He told me that he believed 2 things helped in his mother-in-law’s high blood conditions, fish oil and Homeopathy. The Homeopathy is a bit difficult to understand how its work, all I know is the homeopath doctor will ask you questions for about 20 minutes and then give you a potion or pill which will last till the next session. I did read about it before visiting one but is too deep for me. So I just went for 2-3 sessions and stopped, just because I was not excited about the treatment since I don’t understand how it works. But I heard it is recently getting more popular as there are more and more of such doctors and clinics. And as for the fish oil, I can understand how it works after reading the book by Dr Barry Sear, so, I when ahead to buy some fish oil from my neighbour. I was hopeful even before I took the fish oil as I know that Omega 3 and 6 are sold by many products that are from MLM’s company. I didn’t take it before because I didn’t know it can really help in reducing high blood and high cholesterol, which was very important to me at that time. I didn’t buy them before partly because of its cost as well. But to improve my high blood conditions, I tried to use the recommended dosage, which is pretty high, about 3 grams of fish oil per day. It is not the highest yet; the highest doses are for those who have Parkinson, Alzheimer and many other sorts of inflammatory related diseases. As to my understanding, there are now more and more illnesses that are categorize under inflammatory related diseases, even allergies. And fish oil has been proven, even by western medicine, of its effectiveness.

And for all those who wants to lose weight, you may be glad to know that being overweight may somehow be related to have certain of your body parts being inflamed, for example, your blood. I may be explaining this in a wrong way, but all I know that if you take some fish oil for a few months, and at the same time follow a low carbo diet, you will reduce such an inflammation in your blood, which can be tested. It will reduce HDL and triglycerides level and increase your LDL level. Please take note that in LDL readings, there is a so called good and bad item, which can only be tested different, only when requested. The normal blood count won’t tell this reading. I stopped seeing my specialist after 15 years because of this reading. It was because the LDL reading was high, as I expected after taking so much fish oil, but my doctor decides that I need more medications. What I didn’t tell her was that I have actually stopped both the high blood and high cholesterol medications; because my previous few months reading showed that they were ok, and that I didn’t feel the giddiness and “stone” feeling, all results from taking those medications, all after I stopped them. Do you believe if I compiled all the side effects that I got from taking all these western medications, it can be a chapter by itself? That’s why I am not to go there now. So, after my doctor threatened to increase my medication, I stopped visiting her. I remember just a few sessions before that, when I told her that my high blood readings improved because I was sure it was the fish oil, do you know what she said? She told me to save all these monies and use it for my son’s future higher level education. Now I am thinking, if I continue to see her and follow her instructions, will I live that long? But, having said that, I am still very grateful to her for her care during the initial state of my conditions. Thank you, Dr Ng.

So after I stopped seeing her, my conditions didn’t worsen, and now, I am drug free from my high blood and high cholesterol conditions. The only western medication that I am taking now is my arthritis’s pain killer. I manage to cut the doses by half, for a few years already, and am doing well now, I didn’t dare to stopped the medication entirely now, but I believe sooner or later I will do that, with the help of fish oil and my others supplements. So, my first findings and conclusion on fish oil is that it will actually improve one’s cholesterol and high blood conditions, and all these are obesity related conditions. My second findings, is that, you will need to eat fat to burn fat. Deep right? I will continue in my next article.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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