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Digestion tea for constipation and weight loss

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17. Lesson – Supplement – part 3

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 23-04-2009

In my last article, I mentioned that my first findings and conclusion on fish oil is that it will actually improve one’s cholesterol and high blood conditions, and all these are obesity related conditions. Please write to me if you really need help on high blood matters, or if you need just to assure that I am not just another blogger sprouting nonsense. Just Msn or Skype me and I will look right in yours eyes, and tell you that this is real and I am not a snake oil seller. I am willing to help because high blood can be fatal if not taken care properly, and not to mention about the side effects derive from taking those pills. And my second findings for fish oil are that, you will need to eat fat to burn fat.

This is again, is part of a low carbo diet theory. Most low carbo diet not only restricts carbo, but protein as well, so what’s left to eat? Fats lah. For so many years on low carbo diet, still consistently learning and reading on topics on low carbo diet, I have often gone into arguments or discussions that I feel that so many have been misinformed. Many don’t even know what carbo is. I have even one time one guy ask me in a doubtful expression that, if there is carbo in soft drink, and that how can drinks make one put on weight. I don’t blame him because he was just about 22 years old during that time of the conversation, and still have a good metabolism to burn the sugar in his soft drinks. Let’s wait till he reaches 30 years old and we’ll see if soft drink can make someone put on weight. And there is another guy who is trying to lose weight, said that low carbo diet don’t work on him, he told me he eats legume with fish paste (in Singapore, we call it yong tau hu) in soup, not knowing that at least 50 percent of the portion is filled with carbo, if he, didn’t finish the soup. You may be thinking now if I have included the soup, the percentage will lessen the carbo content by 20 percent, right? Wrong! IT WILL INCREASE THE PERCENTAGE! And if you are thinking, how can that be? Let me explain to you, I don’t what you guys put in your soup when you cooked them, or how you hawker cooked your soup in your country. But in Singapore, this is what they add in your soup, rock sugar. Ever heard this expression: “This soup taste sweet.” In fact, it is literally sweet, because of the added rock sugar!

Let’s put the “which is carbo and which is not” subject till another time and get back to the topic on fish oil and what do I mean by: you will need to eat fat to burn fat. As I know, when our metabolism rates go down after we reach certain age, we will find it hard to burn the carbo and protein that we eat. Another way to explain is, of the 3 items that we consume, carbo, protein and fat, fat has the least impact on the blood sugar, which also mean, will make your feeling of being full, last longer. In order to really understand this, I may have to explain to you about how your insulin hormones in your body work. I will try to gather my thoughts and understanding and write it down on another article. In points form; these are the benefits you will get if you consume enough fish oil for awhile.

  • Feel full or less hungry
  • Burn body fat more efficiently
  • More mobility
  • Thinner your blood
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Better memory
  • Better eyes sight

As you can see, the first four benefits are weight loss related benefits. If I seriously want to argue, the fifth benefit on reduce inflammation should be considered weight loss related, why? Because if you have an active arthritis problem going on, how can you exercise? Unless if you are the type of person who when faced stress moment, loses your appetite. As for me, the stress eater, eat more when I am in pain or stress.

Although the benefits of fish oil on the healing of arthritis in the Europe as I mentioned before, was so successful, for some reasons the western medicine practice didn’t quite accept it only till recently, where I believed they prescribe it even in our government hospital, I think for eyes ailments. But I wonder have they accepted it to help reduce inflammation in arthritis patients, because as I said before, my doctor didn’t believe it. Okay, I am talking too much about arthritis, back to the benefits of fish oil on weight loss.

Feel full or less hungry – why did I place this benefit in the first position? It is because I think this is the number one important element for any one who wants to lose weight. I believe if you want to lose weight, you will need to go on a diet that suits you. Be it the low carbo or low calorie diet, if you feel too hungry after following them, that’s bad. You may end up eating more if the hunger caught you at a weak or stressful moment. Unless if you have a superb ability to tolerate hunger for a long time, if not, how many can go on to be hungry for months. Yes, I am talking about months, not days. If you 10 kgs overweight, you will need at least a month or two to lose that weight with consistent dieting. Dieting cannot be done part time; you cannot diet for 5 days and let loose for the weekends. There is no such thing as a 5 days week for serious dieter. To maintain your weight, yes, you can do that, but to lose them, you need to be consistent. So, what do you do if you want to go on a long term diet and not feel too hungry? Fish oil is the solution. It will make you feel full, for beginners, you may even feel bloated. So, if you are taking appetite suppresser, you may want to think about changing it to fish oil.

Burn body fat more efficiently – with the omega 3 and its allied content in fish oil, everyone knows that they are fatty acid that helps to burn fat right. But I believe the grade of the fish oil may determine the rate of your fat being burnt. I was told and also have read that the best quality of fish oil is pharmaceutical grade, which I think, means the more concentrated fish oil, which can be collected from the fish with more sophisticated and new pharmaceutical equipment. For this, just google it and you will probably know I what mean. As for the next two benefits, I will continue in my next article.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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