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Digestion tea for constipation and weight loss

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18. Lesson 4– Supplement – part 4

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 30-04-2009

In my last article, I mentioned that, you will need to eat fat to burn fat. The fat that I mentioned is fish oil, and the benefits of taking them in long terms are
• Feel full or less hungry
• Burn body fat more efficiently
• More mobility
• Thinner your blood
• Reduce inflammation
• Better memory
• Better eyes sight
And here goes the third benefits.
More mobility – this is some how related to the fifth benefits, where I believe even if you do not have arthritis or any other inflammatory ailments, your joints and muscles may slowly loses its mobility as you aged. This aging process comes very slowly and usually not very noticeable until when you are in your mid twenties, which I believe many have confused it with work and family stress which cause you to be lethargic and stiff. I believe that this tiredness is the beginning of the aging process, and I think this onset may be due to a few reasons, one of them to be sudden decrease of exercise. In Singapore, the average age of a male to completely stop their routine exercise, I think is about 20 to 25 years of age. Most of us will stop exercising after we completed our national service, which is 20 to22 years old. If you are the smart ones, and continue your studies, you will probably continue to exercise until you graduate and leave school. As what I have gathered and believed, many people I know, even those that used to be active and fit in school, feels the tiredness, few years after leaving national service or school. But coincidentally, those who exercise regularly, only start to mentioned about them being tired only after when they are in the mid thirties.
As what I have gathered, fish oil has this benefit of improving ones mobility. With or without exercise, we cannot entirely stop the aging process, but we may be able to delay or slow down the process. You may be asking what have this got to do with fish oil helping to lose weight or fats, but to me, it is relevant. Even if you have no plans to exercise, I believe it will be better if you are able to walk a bit faster, or move around faster, than being slower. I won’t want to say that this will help to burn more calories, giving you the false impression that walking a bit faster than normal will help you burn more calories thus lose weight. But I believe, more mobility equals more energy, and more energy equals better basal metabolism. Having an improved basal metabolism is far more important than having a few more calories burnt because you walk or move faster. But, sad to mention, this benefit that fish oil or any other supplements provide, is very hard to prove and measure, unlike the part of the lowering of cholesterol level and high blood pressure.
Thinner your blood – this benefit is one the best benefit about consuming enough fish oil, and with the least competitions, even amongst the western medicine practitioners. Although for many reasons which I don’t understand, why it is not used as a prescribe medication to treat high blood or high cholesterol. The explanation from those in favour of fish oil is that, fish oil cannot be patented as a drug, and with no patent or copy rights, there is no reasons for them to promote it. As for the western medicine practitioners, many times instead of endorsing and approving of its usage to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, came up with the side effects for overdose of fish oil. I wonder why and really don’t understand. And do you know what the one important side effect that was mentioned is? It was that, it will thinner the blood, therefore will lead to a non-stopped bleeding when you have a cut. Isn’t this a stupid argument? It is to me. It is just like saying, eating too much vegetables is no good for you, because it will cause adhesion colic or clog to your intestine. Or, drinking too much water is no good for you; it will cause your stomach to sag. Come on lah! Everything good thing in this world, can be overdosed, need it be mentioned? Try eating 30 kgs of thousand years ginseng everyday for one month, and see if it will lengthen or prolong your life. You will be dead in no time! I sometimes wonder why these professionals, just can’t be objective for these matters, that each practice has its own strength and weakness. It is not that like a belief in religions matters, that you can only believe in one, or you will go to hell! Come on lah! Be more objective lah. Okay, enough of the anger, and back to the part of the side effect that fish oil will thinner your blood and that you will die of bleeding, every time you cut yourself, and this is only if, you have overdosed it. You see, they do believe that it will thinner your blood if you have taken fish oil, but because if you have overdosed it, it will cause you to bleed non stopped. So, it won’t be prescribed by the doctors because of its slow good effects and the dangerous side effect of cutting you finger while cooking or digging your nose till it bleeds non-stopped. So please, if there happen to be any doctor reading this chapter, please email me and explain to me why fish oil can’t be prescribed to treat high blood pressure. But please do a little homework of reading about it before you come into any serious conclusion.
For this, I am hoping in the near future, they will prescribe fish oil or any other supplements to high cholesterol and high blood pressure patients, because if they were to do that, I believe the cost of supplements will drop, and that you won’t have to worry if the supplements that you bought from the MLM company are oil made from snakes!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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  1. Hello. I think the article is really interesting. I am even interested in reading more. How soon will you update your blog?

  2. hu gary, thank you for your comment. will try to update as frequent as possible.

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