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Digestion tea for constipation and weight loss

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19 Lesson 4– Supplement – part 5

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 15-05-2009

In my last 4 articles on the matters of supplement, all I have talked about is fish oil. So many of you guys reading will probably be thinking that one, I may be selling fish oil, or two, I must be selling fish oil. But I don’t, may be some day I will, because fish oil is so far the best supplement I have ever eaten and have shown significant benefits, for both my obese related and arthritis problems. But apart from fish oil, I am also taking these supplements.

Vitamin C.

This is a vitamin that I believed to be the most common and popular vitamin that most people will take, if they believe in consuming health supplements. Other than the importance of one consuming vitamins, it may also be because it is one of the lowest in cost vitamin. I won’t want to bore you with the benefits that vitamin C will give you, which you probably know most of it already, but I do want to point out something that I think is very important and many may not know, which is, about the amount that one should consume. The recommended daily amount by the FDA I think is about 50 to 100mg per day. But most nutritionists will tell you it is not enough. The RDA is based on western medicine practice; therefore the dose is set at a rate that as long you don’t get conditions like Scurvy, but not enough for other chronic conditions like constipation, dry skin or sinus. The recommended doses by nutritionists from most health products company can be 20 times higher than the RDA doses. That will come out to an amount of about 1000mg, which is 1gram. And if you listen to many western practices that you should consume vitamins fresh from fruits or vegetables, you will have to eat about 40 to 50 oranges a day. Ha, you will surely have enough vitamin C, but you will probably have a big stomach filled with air and fibre!

I am taking about 1000mg of vitamin C everyday, and believe me, I hardly get any flu. I used to have sinus attack and consistent flu attack due to my outdoor work, but my record from my family doctor show that I have much lesser attack since I have regularly taken vitamin C, in powder form. I will like to share with you why did I take such a high doses in the first place. It is actually not really related to weight loss, but for reason related to it. I am on a low carbo diet, which means I will try to avoid high carbo food like fruits and certain root vegetables, most of the time. I am quite sure that for those who are really doing the low carbo diet correctly, will not get enough vitamin C from their diet. I like to repeat this very important information, fruits are very high in carbo, yes, which mean if your body cannot burn sugar like I do, you will have to avoid fruits. So, although fruits are considered to be healthy foods, they do not blend in if you are following a low carbo diet. Of course there are some fruits which is low in carbo, but it seems like they are always the more expensive one like strawberry and a few other berry that are not common sold in our local Singapore market place. So, in order to get enough vitamin C and not having my stomach to bloat up after eating 50 oranges, I took the vitamin C in its, I think the most basic form, ascorbic acid, water-soluble, in powder form.


I am not talking about the MSM function in your mobile phone. Check this site out if you need more specify information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylsulfonylmethane

I am also taking this everyday not only due to its benefits, also for its low cost. Just like vitamin C, it is pretty low in cost and at a same time, has many benefits in terms of our bodies well being. The major one benefit is also not directly related to weight loss, but to reduce inflammations, just like fish oil. And as I said before, I believe some people gain weight due to some inflammation, may be in the blood. And also that a body with any inflammation of any kind, may slow down the bodies’ immune system and may very well affect the basal metabolism. In fact, I have read from a few articles mentioning that actually we human, when grow old, do not lose our mobility due to so call old age, instead is due to increase inflammation cells and body parts thus cause degenerating symptoms. This means that old age is reversible, or treatable. I am a strong believer in these theories too cause I am although already 40 years, felt a lot more younger and energetic when I was in my twenty something, all may due to the recent few years consumptions of all my supplements.

Flax seed oil

This oil that I am taking, has actually almost the same effect of fish oil. I can’t really compare if they are equivalent to fish oil, although I had heard that it may not, because I am consuming fish oil at the same time. The contents in it are also almost the same like fish oil, with omega 3 and it’s allied. The main reason why I am taking them is because of its lower cost. In the future, I may try to totally change to take this flax seed oil instead of fish oil, because I think that fish oil prices may be slowly increasing, due to the vast extinction of our earth’s sea animals.


For this supplement, it is also not related directly to weight loss but as I always like to say, weight gain may sometimes be caused by certain illnesses in the body. Ignoring these illnesses may weigh down your process of losing weight. In case you have not heard of this supplement and are thinking what kind of supplement is this, is it not exactly a supplement, in term of western medicine practise. It is the short form of: “Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Most Asian will know what is this, but for many in the western world, may not know or have access to this. For me, I consider it a supplement rather than a medicine, because, many people, including Asian, do not know that it should be taken long term, just like supplements. You see, when we talk about treating an illness, most of us will think of medicines like aspirin, cough syrup or antibiotics. All these medicines are usually prescribe for a few days, just like some TCM. However, TCM can be used on a long term basis for certain chronic illness like arthritis or hypertension. And when compared with western drugs with steroid content or not, has far more less side effects. These side effects caused by TCM may not even be really side effects, but are symptoms that the body is fighting with its enforced immune system against the diseases and are taking effect. Just like what a lot of natural treatments claim: “It gets worse before it gets better.” The things about TCM is it is not advisable to self medicate, even tough Chinese Physician store are in most neighbourhoods in Singapore, with those TCM you can buy off shelves. Those are mostly really mild, just like taking only 50mg of vitamin C when you should take 1000mg. I always go to those with a certified qualification. The medicines are prepared based on your body type, which is quite deep for most other than Asian to be understood. In simpler words, it very much depends if you body belongs to the hot or cold, wet or dry type, and all by the physicians looking at the tip of your tougue, and holding your pulse. And most of the time, it is a mixture of a few different medicine rather than just one single medicine. But I notice most of the Chinese physicals here in Singapore do not emphasise enough that it should be taken long term. May be they are worry the patients may be scared away by the long term commitment, and the high price they have to pay. I only took half of the doses prescribe by my physician since I have already spend about $200 a month on my other supplements. And this TCM will cost me another $100 if I took the full doses.

For many people nowadays, supplements have been an essential part of our life. And for all those people who are consuming supplements on a long terms basis like me, will know that all these supplements when add together, don’t come cheap. So, if any of you guys know where to buy the supplements that I am consuming, in cheaper prices and better qualities, please drop me a mail. And I also wish that there will be one day, I know enough people in Singapore who need to lose weight or control certain chronic illness with supplements, to buy these supplements in bulk or really in wholesales price, and save the 50 percents earning made by those MLM’s company. And if you are interested to join me to recruit such members, please do drop me a mail too! Thank you!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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