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20. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – part 1

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 20-05-2009

Have you ever asked yourself:

  1. Is losing weight as easy as many experts have claimed?
  2. Why are my brothers, friends and neighbours able to eat 4 bowls of rice, a bowl of noodle and 3 cans of coke, all in 1 day, and not get fat?
  3. Is there any weight loss program that delivers the promise of permanent weight loss effect?
  4. Is there such a magical pill that can help you to lose weight without combining any diet or exercise?
  5. Is exercise the only way to lose weight?
  6. Why is Zoe Tay able to lose 11kgs in weeks, and why didn’t she recommend it to Moses Lim or Chen Li Ping?
  7. Why aren’t doctors prescribing Xando or Extrim?
  8. What happen to the brand Minus Fat?
  9. Why did Jacelyn Tay host a show or wrote a book to teach people how to lose weight? Was she ever fat? And why was there a report that she fainted because she skipped her meal? And did she lose her weight because she did what she wrote in her book, skipped meals or because she went to Jean Yip?
  10. What do I still see so many overweight persons in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and health stores? Why aren’t they worried about their own weight and health after meeting so many overweight people everyday?

I actually wrote this page of questions quite sometime back in about 2004 or 2005. I ran through my old file and read it. And it seems like the weight loss industry haven’t changed much since that time. Despite the higher technologies nowadays claiming the revolutionary effects from many weight loss products, I have yet to see one that works and sells as well as popular drugs use for fever or headache such as Panadol. In case you are from outside Singapore and do not know what Panadol is, it is an aspirin, that sells very well for the last 30 years at least. Though they are many bad reports about the side effects that Panadol can caused, we Singaporean are still using them like crazy because of one big reason. The big reason is that, it works, almost at 100 percent rate. You may not feel 100 percent pain free, but most will feel better from their condition minutes after taking them.

But I have yet to see this coming for weight loss products. Although I believe I have found and tried weight loss products to may have its effectiveness to be equivalent with the rates of Panadol, it has to be coupled with an effective weight loss diet. But every time when I see a weight loss advertisement, I frown and ask myself, why do people still believe in these? These are the questions I used to always ask myself when I see and got very excited with some advertisements but later cooled down after I gave myself the answers.

1. Is losing weight as easy as many experts have claimed?

If it is, the persons who are reading this now is probably thinner that Jacelyn Tay. Okay lah, that’s too thin for most people. I will rephrase. If it is, the persons who are reading this now is probably thinner that Zoey Tay. Actually with the advance sciences and understanding of our human body today, we human already know and have found out many ways to lose weight effectively. Newer and sophisticated products that have been produced, exercise programs that have been designed, and the use of alternative medicines and methods, most proof to be effective in some ways or another. Effective? Yes, but yet, it’s never easy. Most producers of such products and programs simply make it sound easy, and sometimes, cheap. Who will want to buy a product that need to be taken for two years to attain the desire results? And who will buy an exercising machine if you know that it will put you in pain? If there is such a product or program that will cost you very little money, little pain, little effort and little time, I will bet that it will be selling like Panadol, and with the least competitions. Why with the least competitions? Because it has been proven to be so effective and low cost that even if there is new product that is slightly better, why bother to change just for the 10 percents improvement?

So, if you really want to know how difficult it is to lose weight, even with the most effective program, go and watch the television program, “The Biggest Loser”, then you will know.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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