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21. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – part 2

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 21-05-2009

Have you ever asked yourself:

2. Why are my brothers, friends and neighbours able to eat 4 bowls of rice, a bowl of noodle and 3 cans of coke, all in 1 day, and not get fat?

I have been asking this question to myself since I was 12 years old. Today, I look at my elder son, Brandon, and ask myself the same question. He is beginning to look like me. Let me tell you what he eats in a typical day and tell me, is he over eating? For breakfast, a hot dog bun. For lunch, half bowl of rice with probably 3 spoon of meat, 3 to 4 nuggets. For dinner, almost the same amount as lunch. And for supper, occasional slice of bread with peanut butter and margarine. He eats what our house helper, Lita, cooks. They are both eating the same food, but Lita, never seems to put on weight. Although she claims that it is because she does more physical work, but I just can’t agree. I did not really make Brandon follow the low carbo diet, because I think its ok for his age to be a little plumb, and that he is still too young. Although I didn’t forbid him in eating junk food, it is still an occasional thing. Personally, I don’t think he is over eating, but yet, it seems like fats are slowly creeping into his pear shape waist.

I remember myself as a fat boy since the age when I was primary 4, 10 years old. In comparison, I think I ate a lot more than what Brandon is eating now, and a bit more plumber than he is now, but taller. The one thing that I don’t understand is that, why my brother, Frankie, who is 3 years older than me, while eating the same food, and more, is slim and fit. Another thing to mention is Frankie’s 2 sons, just like us, who are also 3 years apart, have the same pattern that the elder one is slimmer than the younger one. Because of the way Frankie is able to eat and not gain weight, I started to believe that life is not fair. And because of this belief, I have spent quite a lot of time asking my friends on what they eat, and come to an even stronger conclusion that life is not fair. It was only till when I was 20 something then I come to know of this word call metabolism, and later another word, called basal metabolism. I think the difference in these 2 is that, metabolism is how much air your lungs can contain, and basal metabolism is the measurement of the rate you lose your weight while you were sleeping. Both determined the rate you can burn your body fat. This is a very important factor; imagine you can lose weight by just breathing more and sleeping more. However, the rate of ones metabolism can be changed due to many factors too.

Having said all these about life not being fair, I hope you guys don’t think that I am a whiner. Although I do believe that our body is built differently, that doesn’t mean we should just grumble and do nothing. In fact, since we know that something is wrong with us, we should do something to rectify it. But before we can do any rectification, we must first find out what is the cause of us putting on weight easier than a normal person, because it may very well be really because you are just another glutton trying to push blame to God or your mother, or the cooking of your house helper. These are the few reasons I can come out with that are causing you to put on weight.

  1. The type of food you are eating.
  2. Genetic
  3. Eating habits
  4. Illness
  5. Stress
  6. Lack of exercise
  7. Body type
  8. Hormones
  9. Aging

Some of the reasons are related to each other. But despite all these reason, when I talk about me being unlucky, I am simply comparing 2 persons doing the same thing and eating the same amount of food, at the same point of time. For example, after so many years of learning how to lose weight, I am now slimmer than my brother, who is now losing his speedy metabolism as compared to before. But for me to have this current weight, it is with much effort. So if he is willing and able to put in the same effort as I have done so far, he may very well be slimmer than me again. I won’t be going through what we can do after we have found out the reasons for us putting on weight yet. But in case you are anxious to find out, I got just one thing to say. No matters what reasons may be causing you to put on weight; the first thing to change is your diet. It may be the very difficult, but as I said before, we may know how to do it and can do it, but it is never easy.

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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