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Digestion tea for constipation and weight loss

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23. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – Part 4

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 29-05-2009

Have you ever asked yourself?

4. Is there such a magical pill that can help you to lose weight without combining any diet or exercise?

Have you ever heard of the first emperor of a unified China, Qin Shi Huang (Chinese: 秦始皇), on the story of him looking for an elixir that can make him live forever? The version I heard is that he send an official, who might be a physician, with 500 teenage boys and girls, to search for some thousands year ginseng that can let him live forever. So instead of finding such an elixir, the official was worried that he might have his head cut off because he couldn’t find what he think is right, or he actually already know he will not find such a thing even before he set off, and fled away with the 500 boys and girls. The story was that the 500 boys and girls settled in the place, which is now, Korea. And Emperor Qin Shi Huang, instead of living forever, died at quite a young age of 50 years old. Sad right? What is even sadder to know is that he may have died of overdosed of mercury, which is found in some of the portions that he had taken in believe that they may extend his life. So, what the moral of this story? Do not send boys and girls to do a man’s job, so that you won’t end up with an mercury overdosed, or what?

Actually there isn’t any moral to the story that I want to mention. I just want to share with you the idea that even a man as powerful as Emperor Qin Shi Huang, couldn’t find such an elixir, so it may be that there may not be such a thing right? Okay, I have to admit that it is not fair to compare a weight loss product with an elixir, especially with the medical advancements that may be 10 times better than during the time of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. But, I think with even such advancements, we may be still far from the dream product. What do I mean by a dream product? I believe many people will hope that a dream weight loss product should be like this;

  1. Just a pill, that after finishing it, will last until the day you die of a car or plane crash. Why plane crash? Because the pill will make you so super slim and fit forever that you won’t look or grow old. So unlikely you will die of any illnesses.
  2. Allow you to be able to eat what you want, any time, any where, any amount and grow only muscles.
  3. Give you lots and lots of endless stream of energy.
  4. That you will never need to exercise for the rest of your life. But if you really like to do it, you need to take it easy as you won’t want to have bulging muscles like Mr Universe.
  5. With no side effect at all. Not even side effect like too much gas from the stomach.

Ha, what a wonderful product right? But, our body is not built that way. It may not be possible, not even for the next hundred years. Let’s be practical, I think a good enough product should be like this.

  1. A pill a day. But should not be too expensive. So that even if you really need to consume them for a long time before you reach your ideal weight, it will not burn a big hole in your pocket, instead of just burning your fats.
  2. Will make you grow muscles, and because a body with more muscles will burn more calories than a body with more fats, it should make you reach your ideal weight faster. But so far I see that most such products that have this feature need to be accompanied by lots of weight baring exercises.
  3. Give you enough energy to pull through an hour of exercise. Most products I think overstate the part on increasing of the energy levels; I believe those that do give you this benefit may be because they have caffeine contents in it. I think only steroid will give you a near feeling of endless stream of energy, but it will also give you a endless stream of stomach or liver ulcers.
  4. You should be very glad if you can grow some muscles if you do some weight baring exercise. I am a mover that exercises 2 to 3 times a week, but I don’t grow muscles easily. Even when I slim down very much sometimes, my body is a bit flabby. I believe strongly that this got some great relations to the body type. I have seen many people with very beautiful body cut but don’t really exercise, although when I ask them, they said that it is because of their nature of “hard” work. And guess what do they work as? Cleaners or hawkers.
  5. Show signs of mild side effects especially in the initial state. I believe some signs of side effects are better than none. It proves that you body is changing, and that is something that you want to happen right? What the point of eating something but you don’t feel any changes to your body; they may just be really snake oil.

Come to think of it, there may be products that give such benefits. But, I think in order to get all these benefits; you will probably have to take a few products, rather than just one. So, may be one day some health products companies may combine all these products in one pill, but it will probably be a size of an egg. Ha ha!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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