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25. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – Part 6

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 10-06-2009

Have you ever asked yourself?

6. Why is Zoe Tay able to lose 11kgs in weeks, and why didn’t she recommend it to Moses Lim or Chen Li Ping?
Before I write anything here, I know that actually many of us fat people know that some commercials are mostly exaggerating or some times even worse, bull shit. But all of us are just buying a hope, that there is such a miracle product. So, in case you are not a Singaporean and don’t know who Zoe Tay, Moses Lim and Chen Li Ping is, let me tell you. They are all popular artists of Singapore. And in a few words, this is their description.
Zoe has always been slim, the only times that she was fat was when she just gave birth to her baby. After that, she did a commercial for a slimming product, and in no time, she when back almost to her usual self, the slim one. She claims in the commercial that she lost 11 kgs in don’t know how many weeks, without much effort. How much effort would you need to swallow some pill, not much right?
Moses Lim, on the other hand, has always been the very fat one, he is so fat that even he makes fun of himself and became a comedian. I think Moses Lim is in his late forties or early fifties. This means he was fat for like at least 20 years already since I can remember him on television.
Chen Li Ping, when first appear on National Television, was young, pretty and very slim, but now, as according to the media, after contracting an illness, believe to be thyroid, put on a lot weight and seems like she can’t do much to reduce it. She even cried in a variety show saying how much this illness affected her life, and her career. But fortunately for her, she manages to get a few good roles that suits her new appearance and I think may have won an award for one particular role.
So, here comes the question. Why is Zoe Tay able to lose 11kgs in weeks, and why didn’t she recommend it to Moses Lim or Chen Li Ping? They definitely know each other, our Singapore television station is not like Hollywood, with a few hundred thousand artists. We probably got two thousand, but I will bet $1 to $1,000 that they definitely know each other. I think if all of us fat people sit down and cool down to think about it, we might just be able to come out with a few possible reasons.
First, although it may be true that Zoe Tay did lose some weight with the help of that particular product, it was also because of her way of living, meaning the way she eats or what she eats. You see, Zoe Tay was also a model, so she may be the type that eats only 2 meals a day, and that the 2 meals are 2 stalks of some leafy vegetables, and worst, may be she eats it raw. So unless Chen Li Ping or Moses Lim is able to eat just like her, the products may just help after 10 years of eating them. Just a reminder, she lost 11kgs in weeks.
Second, because she just gave birth, could it be the first 5 kgs lost was actually just water? It is still not too bad to lose 6 kgs in weeks, but as a father of 2, I think losing weight from after giving birth and just to lose fat from the body, may be 2 completely different things, right? It may be just as difficult, but it definitely feels different. One is changing the way you have been eating, the other, going back to the way you have been eating. I have seen far more successful weight loss cases for those after birth than those who just want to lose weight because they are overweight.
Third, for Zoe Tay, since she is endorsing such a product, to her, the losing weight part seems to have a shorter dead line, when compared to someone who doesn’t have a dead line. In fact, to her it may be a full time thing, to lose that excess weight, compare to us fat persons that need to buy the products from our own money. And having said that, for her, cost for the products wasn’t an issue, although she may be already a millionaire, but it is still an advantage if you can get it for free right, especially before confirming that the products really works for you before paying for it, right?
So, my conclusion that why didn’t Zoe Tay recommend the products she endorses to her 2 very fat colleagues, is that, you will need to combine diet, exercise and endless supplies of slimming products, with a dead line, to be able to lose 11 kgs in weeks. Or worst scenario is that she did recommend them, but it did not work for them.
Any way, this article was written about 5 years ago when Zoe Tay just gave birth. Now it seems like Zoe Tay, being more than 40 years old, show signs of her weight fluctuating. Although considering with her age, she is still slim and beautiful, but is not really the type that a swim suit company will want her as a model. No offence, Aunty Zoe. Chen Li Ping, also have her share of weight fluctuation, but seems a happier person nowadays. May be she just got used to her new look and, weight and that, she seems to get roles after roles suited to her new look. But everyone loves her no matter she is the young, pretty, kind but blur teacher, or the fat mom mom selling coconut rice in Holland Village. But I think her weight situation can be resolved, only if she resolves her illnesses first, probably with enough fish oil, which help in inflammatory ailments. But I think like many misinformed overweight persons, she may not want to add more oil to her fats. As for Moses Lim, his last appearance was an exciting one, that he has lost 10 over kgs. And he has not been in the lime light for, I think, a few years already. There were saying that he is undergoing some weight transformation, with the help of one slimming company, and may end up as an ambassador for that slimming company. I look forward to his new look, and new life.
On behalf of all overweight persons, I wish Moses Lim a great success in his journey to become a slimmer and healthier person. Good Luck!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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2 Responses to “25. The 10 questions I always ask about weight lost matters. – Part 6”

  1. Hey, nice article. I saw on google that moses lost like 30 kgs already, pretty interesting! check it out >> http://xndo.net/puc-success-stories.html

  2. hi mark, thanks for the info man! but i wonder is the brand Xando? if it is, Fann Wong did recommend it to Moses Lim, ha ha! may be i should edit my article, ha ha!

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