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29. Low carbo diet

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by aaremoval on 30-07-2009

I have actually covered this topic in my number eighth article, but I think I should do more. This is partially because of my elder brother, Frankie, who has started trying out a low carbo diet, finally, after many years of arguing to me, how can anyone go without rice for a day. But he did it anyway, and to my surprise, he lost about 10 kgs, and his big belly, which seems to be carrying a 5 months baby. And to take note in case if you misunderstood, I was not surprise on the amount of weight that he is able to lose in less than 2 months, but that he was able to follow it pretty religiously, without much cheating, I suppose. I checked what he has been eating every few days, and was quite amazed that he might be doing a even greater job than me, in term of his diet and not cheating as much as I do. But as what I have mentioned before in my previous articles, he has all the while had a far better metabolism than me. I won’t be surprise that he will eventually be thinner then me, which he has been most part of our childhood life till our late twenties. The only worries is that he may soon be bored of the restricted food he can eat, when compared to the way he has been eating all these 43 years of his life. And trust me, he is the type who know great food, appreciate them, and knows how to find them. I think his main motivation to let him able to follow this diet, is naturally because his body, is giving him some unfavourable signals, which he knows very well that, if he still ignores them, they may be fatal. So, before he reaches his ideal weight, I hope he don’t be too cocky and forget and ignore these signals and symptoms, which led him to lose his first 10 kgs. And on my side, I will help him by giving him more food choices, before he get bore of the limited food type he is having now. I hope these informations will be helpful for my brother, and for all my friends and visitors reading my blog.

First of all, there are actually a long list of food that we can eat. They can be separated in four groups. High carbo, medium carbo, low carbo and no carbo. Simple right? But to me, only the no carbo food group is simple.

  • No carbo

They are mostly quite straightforward and easy to remember, unlike the rest with the low or high carbo, where there are many sayings. For example, when we talk about no carbo food group, there are actually only a few. Meat is one of them. Most meat has no carbo, with the few exception of some seafood like prawn and some shelf fish, and the way you cooked them. So, if you can eat like a caveman, which is eating raw meat, you probably won’t have the need to count carbo. For my brother Frankie, he is now probably eating mostly from this food group. One reason he is able to follow through so far is that according to him, the meat in USA is far cheaper than in Singapore. But I believe sooner or later he is going to get bore just eating meat, no matter how tasty they are. But, as long you don’t add too much ingredients with high carbo content, it is still the best food to eat when talking about no or low carbo diet. Unlike vegetables and fruit, there are high and low carbo type, which may need more time to remember and know them. Meat is a lot easier in this sense, pork, beef, mutton, fish, duck and chicken, whatever kind of breed they are. However, processed meat is different. Like example, chicken popcorn, ham, or sausage. Don’t get confuse when talk about meat in can or processed with just plain meat, they are very different. Just remember, cavemen don’t eat ham and sausage! And definitely not with tomato sauce.

To be continue…………..

(Will try to get more organise before I come back, I will try to put it in a table)

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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