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8. Lesson 2 – Low carbohydrate diet (Cost – $180)

Filed Under (1-10) by aaremoval on 17-02-2009

17th July 2008

Here we go, the number one important lesson to anyone who wants to seriously lose weight on a long term basis. What!? Long term basis? You mean it won’t be permanent, and the weight that you lost will come back again? I am afraid to tell you, I think so! This is what I think; if you go on a diet, whatever diet that works for you, let’s say for 3 months. After 3 months, you successfully lose those 10 kgs of fat hanging around your waist. You are delighted! So, what do you do? If you have lost that weight for the purpose of taking your once in the life time wedding photos, you may stop the special diet that you hated and tolerated for 3 months, and starts to celebrated while on your honey moon, by going back to your old way, or original way of normal eating. What do you think are the odds that you will gain back some of the weight? Pretty high odds, right?

Although there are many reasons that make a person put on weight, it could be genetic, overeating, eating habits, illnesses, stress, lack of exercise, body type or even the type of work you do. But even with all these reasons, if you go on without food for a week, you will still lose some weight, right?

Although I said that, I think there might be a big difference between having little food or no food, especially if you have the same problem like me, slow in burning sugar, or carbohydrate. For many who never personally spent 5 years or more on studying what exactly is a low carbo diet, it might scare you quite a bit if you read on. But I can assure you, it is not just a diet to make you lose weight, but it is a perfectly healthy way of eating if done correctly. And before I start, to all Singaporean, this diet may be tough in first sight, but actually it is not. Why do I say that? Because the first thing you have to eliminate, my dear friends, is rice! Wait! Don’t switch to another site yet, please read on! In fact, I am such a strong believer of this form of diet that I am willing to bet you $1 to $10 that this diet really works. So please read on.

You will eat meat including fish, prawn, crab, pork, chicken, duck, mutton and beef and egg. For vegetables, you will eat mostly leafy vegetable, cabbage, long and French beans.

The rest of the food not listed here, don’t eat till you know the carbo content. Many people I talk to think that carrot, toufu or peanuts has no carbo. A few think that carbo is only rice, noodles, bread and potatoes, the rest are not carbo. A few more think that soft drink got no carbo. There are some even argue to me how can soft drinks like soya, chrysanthemum and green tea can make one person put on weight, where they are just water! But sorry my friend, in case you are one of them, soft drink contains lot of sugar, also known as simple carbohydrate. To know the amount of carbo, just go to any carbo counter. This is one of them.


As for cost, it will probably be higher than your usual diet like chicken rice, prawn noodles or roti prata. But luckily for us Singaporean, there is one good choice, which is, mixed vegetable rice. Any foreigners who are reading these may be a bit puzzled, asking, I thought that this is a low carbo diet, how come you ask me to eat mixed vegetables? Wouldn’t it be a vegetarian diet? Boo! This site is lousy!

No! In Singapore, mixed vegetable rice is actually like a mini buffet meal, where there are usually 20 to 30 kinds of cooked dishes to choose from, including, all kind of meat and fish except beef, a few choices of vegetable, eggs, to be eaten with rice or congee. So, this I is what I eat most of the time, a slice of fish, a choice of pork, a choice of chicken, a choice of leafy vegetable with an egg, but without the rice. Sometimes I may have a small bowl of congee, to dilute the sometimes very salty dishes. This will probably cost about $5 -$6, as compare to the normal way of ordering, which will cost about $3-4, about $2 more expensive. So, this is why I state in the heading on the cost of this form of diet, to be $180 per month. It is actually $6 more expensive if you eat this way for 3 meals, amounting to an additional of $180 to your monthly budget on food. But let me tell you, it will be worth it. It is far more practical than any other diet pill, or worse, diet shake ( by the way, my version why they call it a diet shake, is because you will definitely shake after you drink their shake, cos you will probably shake after an hour or so because you will be so hungry. Ha ha!).

I think I will end here by stating some of the benefits of a low carbo diet.

1. – you will lose weight, for me, if I didn’t cheat, about 100 – 200 g per day without exercise.

2. – your blood pressure will go down.

3 – your cholesterol level will go down.

All these “side effects” happened to me!

Written by: Horse chicken dragon

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