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Filed Under (1-10) by aaremoval on 18-02-2009

Started 22nd Jan 2009 at 6.45pm

Before I share with you my thinking of how one is considered ready, I like to share with you my story of what happened to me whenever I tried to get myself into some regular exercise Although I was always fat, since I was 7 years old (I can’t remember what I look like before that, probably chubby too), I was quite active. Being brought up in a single parent family, my brother and I had a lot of time to play, including swimming, soccer and basketball. I played basketball, though not outstanding, but actively through out my secondary years, only stopped because I left school and started working. I wasn’t able to exercise then partially because I had a second operation for adhesion colic, just before my national service. Army training was tough and I struggled, but I thought it was because I had just recovered from an operation. During and after my national service, I was able to maintain my weight with little exercise, as I was not in combat but logistic, and very strict low calorie diet (that caused me to almost black out in many occasions), and daily 100 push up and 200 sit up, for 3 – 4 years, till I was about 24 years old, when my weight begin to creep back due to my change of work from indoor to outdoor. My first 4 years of working life was more of an indoor job, as a technician, inside a factory. It was kind of routine, in terms of working hours and more importantly, eating and resting hours. If you have worked in a factory environment, you will probably know what I mean. Unlike some other indoor jobs, like in an office, working in a factory means you cannot eat whenever you want, sometimes even if you are very hungry, because the canteen may not be opened at certain hours. Eating on production floor is strictly prohibited. For my post, it was even stricter, because I worked in a clean room. So, a few months after my change of work, to an outdoor salesman, my eating time and habit begins to be different. My daily push up and sit up routine was stopped too. And as I saw my weight going up, I began to worry, but at the same time, coincidentally, my company organized a weekly badminton session (I think my boss was also beginning to put on weight, so he suggested it). I was glad to join, since it wasn’t easy to get my school time friends to join me for exercise, and was happy that all the expenses was paid for, including free badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, cause they were products my boss tried to market, but wasn’t successful. And back to our topic, and guess what happened? I think I almost passed out during the first session! Ha, some of you readers are probably laughing at me right, thinking that I am a useless fatty bump bump? But guess what, I wasn’t alone. I think half of the players, told me that they were so feeling giddy after the exercise, including some that look a lot fitter and slimmer. I was quite disappointed with myself, because it was just a few months ago, that I was doing push up and sit up, almost every day, and yet, I almost fainted when trying to play some badminton game. I was expecting more from myself, prior to the game. Although I was in pain for weeks, I wanted to do more. But, not everyone in my company thought that way. Why? Because a few of them suffered pain and ache over more than a week. Unlike me, an arthritis patient taking pain killer everyday, I am quite used to in having pain, but to some my colleagues, it was a different thinking. They said it isn’t worth it. Meaning? They said if they have to go through all that pain just to look better or be healthier, they will rather be as what they are meant to be. They were not the only one that think that way. Throughout my life I have tried to persuade many of my friends to join me for exercise, many of them said the same thing. Some said that they are worried that instead of becoming healthier, they will first injure themselves. I normally don’t agree with them verbally, but at the back of my mind, I actually agreed with them. Why? Because up till today, I still feel a bit of pain if I rested more than 2 weeks from my regular basketball. Just 2 weeks, not 2 years, I will feel some pain or ache every time I took a break, sometimes I thought it is only me, as I am now already 40 years old and have arthritis. But my best friend, who is also my primary and secondary schoolmate, who joins me almost every week for the past 7 years (I really respect his attitude because he comes all the way from east coast to my house, which is in bukit panjang, about half an hour journey), who is also a marathon runner, till today, said he felt the same thing.

So, this is the reason why I think if you are overweight, and hope to shed some weight through exercising, to better get really ready before you start. If not, you may injure yourself! So, when will one be considered ready? This is what I think.

  1. lose at least 3-5kgs.
  2. train your stamina with breathing exercise.
  3. take some vitamins to boost your energy and immune system.
  4. get some massages to loosen and warm up your muscle
  5. get a friend who is willing to play a sport with you but will not grumble because you are slow.

Huh, you mean you want me to lose 5 kgs before I start my exercise regime? Are you crazy? Or stupid? And what’s with the get a friend who will not grumble thing….? You may ask. I will explain to you in my next few blogs.

Written by: horse chicken dragon

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